Kalaya Renew Morning Routine


Brand Kalaya

Designed by a renowned cosmetic physician and award winning pharmacist, the Kalaya Renew Morning Routine Bundle is the best way to start your day. The Cleanser and Toner are formulated with Natural Desert Cactus Extract to gently hydrate, moisturize, and soften your skin. Formulated with the revolutionary and proprietary Amino Vitamization Complex for Face, this unique line provides essential vitamins and amino acids to aid in improving the health of your skin. The Kalaya Renew Antioxidant Day Cream guarantees protection from environmental skin aging factors such as sun, smog, dehydration and time by improving the skin's ability to retain moisture and defend against free radical damage. Dermatologist tested.

System Includes
1 Kalaya Renew Face Essential Facial Cleanser - 150ml

1 Kalaya Renew Face Essential Facial Toner - 150ml

1 Kalaya Renew Day Cream - 50ml 

Apply the Kalaya Renew Facial Cleanser first thing in the morning by wetting the face, gently massaging a small amount of cleanser onto face and rinsing. Gently pat try face with towel. Next, spray toner onto cottom pad and gently wipe over face, neck and décolletage. Once dry, apply Kalaya Day Cream to face and neck. Apply prior to make-up application.     

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