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Ultimate Emu Oil Bundle

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Discover the amazing benefits of Emu Oil! Emu oil has recently gained popularity due to its complete essential fatty acid profile, its quick absorption, and its ability to be non-irritating on delicate skin. This makes it the ideal oil for those with extremely dry and senstitive skin. Emu oil is the closest in molecular structure to that produced in the human body. In addition, Emu oil is considered a complete source of essential fatty acids (contains omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids). Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) are fats that humans cannot manufacture or synthesize but are essential to our health and skin condition. Nature intended for us to obtain these Essential Fatty Acids from a well balanced diet, but many of us simply do not eat as well as we should. The topical use products containing Emu oil replenish our skin with these valuable nutrients, rejuvenating it through moisturization and nourishment. Nurture your skin from head to toe with the Ultimate Emu Oil Bundle! Each bundle contains: 1 bottle of Emu Oil Natural Oil Blend, 1 jar of Kalaya Naturals moisture cream, a hypoallergenic and unscented cream with emu oil as the second ingredient, and 2 Luxury Bar Soaps (with, you guessed it, emu oil!).

Bundle Includes:  

1 Kalaya Naturals Emu Oil Natural Blend - 30ml

1 Kalaya Naturals Moisture Cream - 120ml

2 Kalaya Naturals Luxury (Emu Oil) Bar Soap - 100g   

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