The Complete Monika Schnarre Line


After more than 25 years in the Fashion and Beauty industry, Monika Schnarre, one of Canada's first Super Models, teamed up with Canada's premier Anti-Aging MD to develop a line of truly natural, age defying skincare products. It was critical to Monika that the iampure line of anti-aging products perform better than anything on the market, all in a natural and safe formulation. All of the products in the line are free of parabens, SLS, and Phosphates, and promote beauty from the inside out. The Complete Monika Schnarre Line contains the full lineup of the Monika Schnarre beauty products. The Monika Schnarre products truly develop beauty from the inside out.

Start your day like a super model. Begin with a cleanser that blends desert cactus extract and chamomile to hydrate, soothe and calm the skin while gently removing dirt and debris from the skin and pores. Follow with the first anti-aging mist to provide 4 essential active moisturizing and 4 essential active skin calming botanicals in one natural formulation to promote a flawless complexion.  Finish the routine by hydrating and locking in moisture with natural ingredients like coconut oil, stoneroot, and wheatgrass extracts, with the anti-aging antioxidant day cream for all day protection against free radical damage. 

At the end of your day cleanse face with the Skin Calming Cleanser to remove dirt and debris from your skin before applying the Age Correcting Eye Gel. This gel smooths lines and brightens the under eye area with a proprietary 3-Peptide Complex that actively stimulates the production of collagen. Provide maximum hydration with argan oil, algae extract and hyaluronic acid by finishing your daily routine with the Anti-Aging Night Cream. 

System Includes 
1 Monika Schnarre iampure Skin Calming Cleanser - 120ml, 1 Monika Schnarre iampure Skin Clarifying Mist - 120ml, 1 Monika Schnarre iampure Antioxidant Day Cream - 60ml,  1 Monika Schnarre iampure Anti-Aging Night Cream - 60ml, 1 Monika Schnarre iampure Age Correcting Eye Gel - 15ml  Newly added: Monika Schnarre Face & Body Scrub - 255 g

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