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Why You Should Colour (relax that brain of yours)

Colouring books for adults have been quite popular as of late. For good reason! Read on to see why the activity you did as a kid is good for your adult brain, especially with the busy lives we lead these days.


Colour for mindfulnessRelaaaaaaax: The act of colouring allows you to concentrate on one thing and only one thing, usually with an intense focus, which in turn stops your mind from thinking about the issues that cause you stress (no need to give your demanding boss another moment of your free're busy colouring!). From staying within the lines, to choosing which colours to use, it's an activity that isn't mentally demanding but one that allows everything else to fall away.


Colour like you're a kid againYou were a child genius: Colouring was wicked fun! It was a great way to spend your days. This is why doing it as an adult is so soothing because it brings you back to a simpler time. When you coloured as a kid, you were probably pretty chill, you had no worries, no cares! The only thing that mattered was whether your My Little Pony colouring book (Princess Twilight Sparkle, anyone?) was as beautiful as you could make it.


Balance your brain by colouring 


It's all about balance: Our brains have two hemispheres, and depending on what our job is, or what hobbies we enjoy, we might not exercise both halves equally. But colouring uses both sides of our brains. Creativity & imagintation: right brain. Problem Solving, fine motor skills, & being detail oriented: left brain.



SO get colouring! Your mind will thank you.


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June 20, 2016 by An eVitality Staffer

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