The Review: Sukin Anti-Pollution Oil Balancing Facial Masque

Face masks have got to be one of my favorite skin care products to use - they’re not only great for making my face feel fresh and rejuvenated, but they’re also a fun way to relax and #BeGoodToYourself. This month I was so excited to hear that I was trying out the Anti-Pollution Oil Balancing Facial Masque from Sukin - a customer favourite here at eVitality!


Sukin Masque

The Brand: Sukin

Sukin is made in Melbourne, Australia, where they locally manufacture products with natural ingredients. They are proudly cruelty free (as well as vegan!) - absolutely no animal derivatives or animal by-products like honey or beeswax are used in any of their products! PLUS, Sukin values the fact that their products are 100% Carbon Neutral - it’s amazing to know that these products they are producing aren’t negatively impacting our planet.



sukin masque application

The Product: Sukin Anti-Pollution Oil Balancing Facial Masque

From a quick review of their products, the Anti-Pollution Facial Masque is definitely Sukin’s most popular oil balancing product. With summer fast approaching, the heat and moisture in the air seems to leave my skin feeling super oily by the end of the day. Having a clear complexion in the summer is a big deal for me when I want to go for the more natural summery-less-makeup-look. If you feel the same, this masque is the perfect preparation for summer - you’ll be a sunkissed, glowing goddess with clear skin after using this product! 



sukin masque The Ingredients: Bamboo Charcoal, Rooibos Tea, Willowherb & more!

This masque includes several natural ingredients that help get the job done - it’s key ingredient is Bamboo Charcoal which is great for its purifying properties; it picks up dirt, absorbs toxins and removes impurities from your pores! This was one of the main features I was really excited about because nothing feels better than the feeling of unclogged pores - am I right?! Other ingredients like Rooibos Tea, Willowherb and Aloe Vera are also in the masque to help revitalise and refresh blemished prone skin. Plus, Quince, Bilberry and Pomegranate extracts assist in tightening pores, reducing shine and will hopefully leave you with a balanced complexion. Those of you with dry skin, you’ll be feeling extremely moisturized and nourished from the blend of Avocado, Coconut and Rosehip oils. Rosehip oil is known for being rich in antioxidants and specifically feeds the skin vital nutrients to support a radiant and clear complexion.



sukin masque results

The Verdict: Highly Recommend

When choosing the right face masque for me, I always look for one that will provide a deep cleanse, unclog my pores and leave my skin glowing so the Anti-Pollution Facial Masque had all the qualities I was looking for and more! We all hate those mornings when we wake up and look in the mirror to see a giant pimple, then think “ day is ruined” and this really helped with that - I would quickly apply this masque to clear all the gunk that was getting pushed deep down into my pores if I ever had an OMG moment. It was very easy to evenly apply the product onto my skin as it was a thick consistency. It also had a nice cool and refreshing feel which made me think that the masque was working its magic quickly and effectively. After relaxing and allowing it to penetrate for 15 minutes, I washed it off with warm water and my skin was left feeling soft and looking smooth, I felt like I was glowing! My skin completely felt transformed and the quick results were noticeable, this will definitely be a face masque that I would highly recommend to my family and friends.


June 26, 2019 by An eVitality Staffer
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