The Review: A New 'Roll' Model

I hope you all are enjoying your summers, but you could get a crick in your neck watching it whizz by so quickly! To be fair, the pain in my own neck is more likely caused by a host of other factors; we all tend to be a lot more active during the summer which is great, but can also come along with a bunch of muscle and/or joint pain if your body isn’t used to the same level of activity all year round! Add to that the fact that stress can manifest as pain and stress in your muscles too. I always stress myself out in the latter half of the summer because there are some many events and summer bucket list activities to fit in before it ends! A full calendar is a great thing, but it also doesn’t allow you much time to relax and recoup from your busy schedule. And compounding all these factors is the fact that all my life I’ve had the worst posture, resulting in me having almost constant tension and muscle pain in my neck and shoulders. It’s to the point that I find it gets in the way of my enjoying my summer days or being able to focus fully on work which causes more stress which in turn, causes more aches!



When suffering from muscle or joint pain, the first thing most people will do is head for the medicine cabinet for an oral pain reliever, whether it’s a common over-the-counter remedy or a prescribed medication. But for recurring or chronic pain relief this can be an unhealthy and even dangerous way to treat ongoing pain. Many people can build up a resistance from using pain relief medications on an ongoing regular basis resulting in having to increase the dosage more and more. Even worse, some people might develop a dependence and not be able to function properly without it. There tend to be more side-effects with these types of medications as well which is the last thing you need when you are trying to manage pain and go about your everyday life without disruptions or feeling even worse!



These are many reasons why using a topical pain relief over an oral medication can be much more beneficial to people who use pain medications regularly, especially people suffering from chronic pain. In many cases a topical pain creams can relieve inflammation and joint/muscle tension just as if not more effectively than a pill. They allow you the control to target the affected area instead of waiting around for the active ingredient(s) to travel from your digestive system through your bloodstream to the area in pain. Instead a topical remedy can be absorbed directly in to the source of your pain speeding up your relief without the unfortunate side effects a lot of oral medications have.

Now of course most people who are used to taking Aspirin, Tylenol, etc. for pain relief might question whether a cream or rub could be as effective, which I totally understand. I remember trying a couple different drugstore-brand topical creams when I was younger and used to dance competitively and had even more problems with muscle aches and pains. The reason why I didn’t keep using those creams where because they. Smelled. AWFUL. They also didn’t last very long in terms of the relief they provided (maybe a couple of hours at best) but I also hated using them because I didn’t want to go to school or dance class smelling like extremely expired vapo-rub. And of course the key is if you’re not using or avoiding using a ‘remedy’ then you’re not getting any relief.


So ever since my retirement from dance (sadly I was no Gene Kelly), I had been coping with my achy shoulders and on & off muscle pain with limited use of Tylenol or Advil for when the pain was REALLY bad. Once or twice a year I splurged on a massage with an RMT, which would give me some relief for a few weeks, until my crappy posture brought back the pain. But then I happened upon a different topical solution that a co-worker recommended; Kalaya Naturals 6x Pain Relief Rub. I was skeptical, of course, but willing to give it a shot. I can tell you it exceeded my expectations before I even applied it because I could instantly tell it didn’t have one of the factors that had put me off topical rubs in the past; a terrible smell! I’d liken it to the smell of a delicious spearmint gum, or like… standing atop a mountain in the Alps. K, I might be overdoing it on the last metaphor, but it really struck me (and my nose) how nice and minty-fresh this pain rub smelled, not at all harsh or medicinal like other brands. It’s definitely strong and will wake up your sinuses a bit, but in a much more pleasant and refreshing way for sure.

The next sign I knew I had a more promising remedy (literally) on my hands was that I noticed within about a minute of applying the 6x rub I started feeling a cool tingling sensation on my achy shoulders and neck. A similar feeling to the other topical rubs I had tried however I remembered it being more of a burning feeling which last maybe a couple minutes which then went away but also signalled the return of the muscle pain. With the Kalaya rub the tingling (not burning) sensation seemed to last much longer, about 15 minutes or so- to be honest I can’t say for sure because after a while you more or less you get used to it and stop noticing it, so you just continue about your day. But it was almost an hour later that I suddenly noticed I couldn’t smell that lovely minty smell or feel the tingly sensation, BUT my pain had also faded too! I tried to consciously keep track of how long I was pain-free for the rest of the day, but it’s amazing how your focus changes when you aren’t thinking about how much you need a back rub every two minutes! It didn’t actually hit me until I sat down at my desk the NEXT day that I noticed my shoulder aches creeping back that the 6x Pain Relief had legit relieved me of my pain the day before to the point I had forgotten all about it.

In the year or so since then I’ve become quite a Kalaya convert & enthusiast. My neck and shoulder pain isn’t so extreme that I need to use it on a daily basis, but I definitely have it on hand at work and at home for any particularly painful days and in my gym bag for after any particularly grueling gym days. I recommended it to a good friend who’s one of those insane people who jogs and runs marathons for fun (sorry but I can’t relate) and she swears by it. I gave a few tubes to my dad who is developing arthritis in his hands and had been using a common drugstore brand 3-4 times a day to help relieve the pain. Now he swears by Kalaya as well because he can get even better pain relief using less pain rub and applying less frequently.

I’ve since learned that a good reason why the Kalaya Pain Relief is so popular and effective compared to other drugstore brands is that Kalaya uses 6 pain blocking & anti-inflammatory active ingredients while more others contain 1 or 2 at best, usually Menthol and another active if you’re lucky. The 6 actives in Kalaya however are:

• Methyl Salicylate: Wintergreen, ie what makes this stuff smell so minty fresh
• Arnica: a strong natural pain blocker & anti-inflammatory
• Menthol: a natural pain reliever that provided a cooling sensation on the skin
• Camphor: a natural counter irritant & topically effective in relieving pain & swelling
• Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM): a natural plant-derived compound that relieves joint pain
• Eucalyptus: provides natural anti-inflammatory relief

Did you happen to spot something that all 6 of those active ingredients have in common? Yep, they’ll all Natural actives! Take a second to google the active ingredients in a popular drugstore brand of a pain rub; you might be a little freaked out by the results. Many other brands use mineral oils or drugs like Diclofenac, which while FDA approved, has some harsh and unpleasant side effects and wouldn’t be ideal for those who need pain relief on a regular basis or who might have sensitive skin. Even if Kalaya pain relief wasn’t half as effective as it is, I think I’d still prefer using to others it based on the ingredient list alone!


So if I’ve been using Kalaya all this time, then why wait ‘til now to feature it on the monthly review?
WELL, Kalaya Naturals has just released their newly redesigned 6x Pain Relief Roller Massager, and boyyy do I have to rave about it for a quick minute! So as mentioned, I had already tried and loved the regular 6x Rub which came in a tube from, as well as the travel-sized version. I did also try the original Roller Massager while ago, but to be totally honest contrary to the pain rub itself I was not a fan of the original applicator. It had two roller balls that were sort of like a roller deodorant, and the bottle was a harder and thicker plastic. The problem was that to dispense the pain rub you’d have to squeeze the bottle quite hard to get anything out through the roller applicator. This could get pretty tricky especially if you’re trying to awkwardly reach your back and I could imagine would not be so user-friendly for those with arthritic pain in their hands.


However the new redesigned applicator uses the exact same tube design as the regular non-roller pain rub, which means it’s much easier to hold and squeeze the product out of. And the new applicator head now has 3 roller balls instead of two, which are smaller but move much more smoothly and dispense the pain rub more evenly. I really prefer the smaller applicator head as well because it allows for more control and precision; the first time used the new roller a couple of weeks ago I immediately tried it out on the backs of my hands because I was experiencing some carpal tunnel pain from a few too many hours spent typing at my desk. I don’t think you would have used the old roller on my hands as the roller balls would have been too large, but the new design worked like a dream. It is also really nice to have a “hands-free” and no-mess method of application as well. I have most definitely forgotten to rinse off my hands once or twice after using the pain rub, and let me tell you, as nice as it smells you don’t want to accidentally get any too close to your eyes!

I’ve been using a bottle as a hand-y (ha) paperweight on my desk that I can reach for whenever I need some quick and easy pain relief, and have been recommending it to all the friends and family that I’ve turned into Kalaya Converts over the past year and now that included my lovely readers as well!! If you’re suffering from a chronic pain condition or just need a little relief from sore muscles after a workout I cannot recommend the Roller Relief enough, it’s like having a personal mini RMT on call whenever you need them, and it could help you to forget about you pain and focus on enjoying your day (and the rest of the summer)! You shouldn’t have to waste any more of your energy or time suffering from pain, so practice a little of our #begoodtoyourself moto and give the new Pain Relief Massager a try. I can guarantee with 99.999% certainty you shan’t be disappointed!


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