The Review: Pacha Soap Rosewater Froth Bomb

Show of hands: How is everyone faring as we finish up 2018? Tired? Stressed? Sustained only by overpriced holiday-themed lattes while you try to fit in all of your present shopping?? Ok, cool, same. Don’t get me wrong it’s obviously a great time of year too; lots of holiday parties, spending quality time with friends and family, and indulging (somewhat guilt-free) with delicious rich food! But there’s also a lot of stress that comes with the holiday season as well which it probably why many of us might be feeling so run down right now.



As someone who perpetually leaves their Christmas shopping to the absolute last minute, tends to double-book on events and doesn’t cope well with seasonal colds, I can tell you that I’ve been in major need of some stress-free me-time lately. And I saw just the perfect opportunity to pamper myself after checking out one of the new brands to eVitality, Pacha Soap. I was originally browsing for possible gifts for an upcoming Friendsmas party and thought bath bombs would be a great gift for several of my friends. When I got a closer look at the Pacha Rosewater Froth Bombs I was super intrigued to snag one for myself to try as well.



Pacha Soap Froth Bomb

Now the Pacha Rosewater Froth Bomb isn’t quite as fancy-looking as some other bombs you might have seen, and you probably won’t be instagraming while it dissolves - partly also because you’re supposed to put the froth bomb in the tub before you fill it with water, it’s less visually-dramatic but way more effective! However if, you like me, are just in need of an hour to yourself to unwind, relax and de-stress then this is probably the best little gift you can treat yourself to!




Flower BathThis froth bomb is handcrafted with rose water and Peruvian pink salt, and absolutely no unnatural/chemical-derived perfumes or dyes. Pacha uses natural Mineral pigments to colour their products and essential oil-derived scents- a great option for those with sensitive skin and/or natural-beauty product enthusiasts. I followed the instructions for using the Froth Bomb and my bath turned my *favourite* shade of millennial pink. As the name implies it froths which lasts for quite some time, and the rose petals hidden inside that are released will make you feel like you’re having a luxury spa treatment. Now the rosewater (in addition to smelling SO nice) has many beneficial properties for your skin like moisturizing, controlling excess oils, cleansing pores and working as an anti-inflammatory. Peruvian pink salt is chock-full of vitamins & minerals, and enhances the skin tone. This bomb basically doubles as a relaxing Epsom salt soak! If you light a candle, have a cup of tea on head (or rose if you want to be on theme!) I guarantee giving yourself a wonderful respite from all of the noise and stress of the season is worth treating yourself to.




Now because the Holidays are (supposed to be!) all about generosity & giving to your loved ones or to those in need, it helps a whole bunch to know that through purchasing Pacha Soap products you are supporting Pacha’s clean water initiatives and implementing sustainable solutions to the global poverty cycle. You’ll also be supporting products hand made using ethically sourced, fair-trade ingredients so you can actually feel really good about gifting yourself a little spa night! Of course you can also kill 2 birds with 1 stone and simplify your Xmas shopping by picking up a bunch for the people in your life that could also use a break and some relaxation!



Lastly if like me you aren’t the most experienced of bathbombers, here are a few tips to get the most out of your spa night:

  • Freshness is actually pretty important when it comes to bath bombs, and most people aren’t aware that the sooner you use it the more effective it will be in terms of fizz, scent and especially therapeutic benefits. SO if you’re gifted a bath bomb, don’t let it sit on the side of your tub as an accessory until the spring!
  • As mentioned, this particular Pacha bath bomb works best if you place it the tub before you fill it up and wait for it to finish fizzing before you drive in
  • Many bath bombs (Pacha’s included) are actually big enough that you could let them fizz for a 2-3 minutes until they are half their original size and take them out to use for another bath if you’re having an extra stressful week (they’re just not quite as pretty once they’re half-dissolved)



I hope you all have a chance to unwind and relax for a bit this holiday season; it’s the best gift you can give to yourself! #BeGoodToYourself

November 30, 2018 by Lizz Caston
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