The Review: Kalaya Wild Maple Body Butter

TGIS everybody, we finally made it to spring!! This past winter was a long one and rough one (I literally say that every year, but whatever it’s still true), and finally coming back into spring I’m in serious need of some extra tlc! My skin in particular feels like it’s taken a beating this past season, I’m using more moisturizers than ever and my skin just feels dry and uneven. As luck would have it though, I had the perfect new product to try out this month; the Kalaya Wild Maple Body Butter, a brand spanking new product in the Kalaya line of skincare.



Body Butter


As per usual, I always look at any new product I’m trying with a healthy dose of skepticism- we’re bombarded with ads for products that claim to cure split ends, whiten teeth in 2 minutes and reverse wrinkles after one dose of some miracle serum, and I’ve thrown countless dollars away on some of these “miracle” products myself, which is why I’ve learned to be a discerning beauty shopper! And that said, body butter was always one of those products I rolled my eyes at. How is it any different than a normal moisturizing lotion aside from that it comes in a jar and comes in extravagant scents?!



Body Butter application


I did a little bit of research into if/how a body butter is different and as it turns out there are a couple major factors that set it apart from a regular lotion. The name body butter isn’t just an enticing advertising ploy - a body butter is a skin moisturizer that contains shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil or another vegetable-based oil as its primary moisturizing agent. Lotions on the on the other hand are an emulsion blend of water and oils making them lighter in consistency and more quickly absorbed. Back to butter though - its key ingredients like shea butter help to form a protective barrier on the skin which is especially helpful during dry or cold weather since skin is more prone to chapping. And because of this body butters are much more thick and rich in consistency than regular lotions - thus why they usually come packaged in pots or jars instead of squeeze tubes or bottles!



Kalaya Body ButterI definitely noticed this when I opened my jar of the Kalaya Wild Maple Body Butter, its texture is rich and springy (I may have spent an excessive amount of time having fun poking at it), and the smell of course is the other thing you notice right away! When I actually used the body butter on my skin I noticed it also absorbed much better than I was expecting because body butters are so thick and rich I was expecting a very greasy or even sticky residue from after applying but no such issues here! Now a little does go a long way, so you might notice it’ll take much longer to absorb if you apply too much. I also noticed it seemed to spread and absorb the most evenly when I applied it right after a shower. Generally this is always the best time to apply a moisturizer anyways as your skin will more easily absorb and lock in the moisturizing ingredients and keep your skin hydrated all day! 



Maple extractAnd a bonus - this body butter is formulated with Maple Extract which surprisingly is one of the hottest new ingredients being used in beauty and skincare (lucky for us Canadians!). Recent studies have found that Maple extract can be used to treat wrinkles, just as if not more effectively as retinol or hyaluronic acid because of its effects which protect elastin in our skin, the compound that keeps skin looking bouncy and full. Of course, the more immediately obvious benefit of the maple in this body butter is that it smells delicious. I think its combination with the Shea butter gives it more of a maple cake sent but it’s not cloyingly sweet in my opinion, nothing like the strawberry shortcake scented lip balms we used as kids. 



After a week maple butter-y goodness I’m really starting to feel like my skin is recovering from the harsh effects of winter. The dry scaly patches are gone and my skin feels more hydrated and supple all around. If you’re in need of something a little extra to help your skin recover or just want to try out something new in place of your regular body lotion routine, I definitely recommend this buttery (guilt-free!) treat for your skin!

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