The Review: Kalaya Naturals Hydrating Hand Cream. *Give Your Hands a Round of Applause*

WELL it’s officially February, one of my least favourite months of the year! Not because I’m a cynic when it comes to Valentines (ok, maybe I am just a tad) but because this is the point of the year when winter and cold weather has really worn out its welcome and I’m just over the salt stains on all my shoes and getting up early to scrape ice of my car. Now that I’ve had my little vent-sesh, let’s move on to the positives! What to do with ourselves now that we’re entering into that final stretch of winter (which seems to last forever)? Well self-care is a big priority around here, and there’s always something to be said for treating yourself, but what about the bits of yourself that don’t get enough treating?
I’d like to focus some attention on the body part that arguably does that most manual work on a daily basis but gets the least amount of love… our Hands! When you really think about it, how much time & expense do you spend on products for your face or your hair or body compared to your hands? Heck, I have more products for my feet than I do for my hands and they haven’t even seen the light of day for the past 3 months, how crazy is that?! Up until recently products specifically for hands (nail polish aside) just didn’t seem necessary and would probably be at the bottom of most people’s lists of beauty priorities to be honest. But why is that? Our hands do so much for us every day so maybe we should start to show them a little more love!

This epiphany struck me a couple weeks ago when I was nearly at my wits end with my hands; what with cold and flu season still in full swing my hands were definitely showing the wear from constant hand-washing, sanitizing and exposure to cold air (on account of me being incapable of remembering to bring mittens with me anywhere). I’ve never taken the best care of my hands either just because I don’t think they’re particularly pretty hands and because I’m so clumsy nail polish never lasts on my fingernails without chipping for more than a couple days, so it always seemed pointless to me to attempt to make them look nice. But then on an especially cold day at work when my hands were feeling (and looking) dry and chapped and generally uncomfortable, I had an opportunity to try out one of the brand new products from Kalaya Naturals that I didn’t realize my hands were sorely needing; a hydrating & anti-aging Hand Cream!

So right off the bat anti-aging products for your hands might sound a little silly, but did you know that our hands are often the first part of our bodies that show signs of aging? With the exception of winter, our hands are the part almost always exposed to the sun but how often do we apply an SPF to our hands specifically? Along with everyday tasks; exposure to water, chemicals and severe temperatures are the main cause of damage to the hands and why they tend to show wrinkles, fine lines and dryness first!

So you may ask yourself then why not just use my face cream on my hands as well? In comparison to our faces our hands have quite different needs and the skin on the back of your hands is decidedly different to the skin on your palms. The skin on top of your hands is much thinner and has less sebaceous glands, meaning it can become dried out and more sensitive very quickly. Whereas the skin on your palms is a lot thicker and rougher and for moisture to penetrate this area. A good hand cream needs to be rich and full of moisture binding ingredients to address both these needs. Also you would tend to need to reapply a hand cream more often than once in the morning and once before bed as you wash your hands more (I hope) than once a day and you use your hands much more for everyday tasks that would dry them out and cause stress to your skin. If you were using your regular day or night cream for your face as often as you should on your hands then you might find yourself replacing your expensive face creams a whole lot quicker!

With that said, the Kalaya Naturals Hand Cream provided me with the hydration my hands were in desperate need of at a much more convenient price point then my usual moisturizers or many other fancy hand creams! A key quality about this particular hand cream is that it has a non-greasy formula that will leave your hands feeling really nicely hydrated but not greasy or slippery (which is key as I’ve mentioned I’m clumsy enough as it is without being even more of a butter-fingers). Another amazing aspect of this hand cream is the scent- it has a gorgeous vanilla coconut-y smell on account of the coconut and marula oils that help to provide intensive moisture. Anytime I’ve applied the hand cream I’ve gotten compliments on how good it smells when I walk into a room, and it gives me a happy little boost when I apply it at my desk on dreary grey winter days. Best of all my hands look and feel fantastic! It’s done wonders for my cuticles as well which has the added bonus of me actually enjoying doing my nails more often and wanting to show my hands off more! *cue jazz hands*

Handy Tips

It’s amazing the difference adding one small and easy-to apply product into your beauty routine can make, and I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for my hands now that I’ve noticed how much better they look and feel! Here are a few handy tips for hand creams if you’re also looking to show your paws some love this February!



1. When should you apply hand cream?
- After washing or any prolonged contact with water (ie. after washing your dishes, etc). Water is a naturally drying agent. Applying hand cream after long contact with water prevents wrinkles and cracks.

- After exposure to chemicals – be it cleaning products, workplace chemical products, etc., these chemicals take moisture out of our skin, leaving it dry. Applying hand cream will restores the skin’s moisture and softness.

- Anytime your hands fell dry or irritated! You can’t really overdo it with moisture when it comes to your hands.

2. How can I maximize hydration?
- To provide an even more intensive hydrating treatment for your hands, pop on a pair of gloves after applying the hand cream to help lock in moisture and prevent the hand cream from rubbing off before it’s had a chance to absorb into your skin. 

3. What about my cuticles?
- Don’t overlook your fingernails/cuticles! Cuticles get dried out very easily which can lead to hangnails and more discomfort. Anytime you apply hand cream make sure to rub it into your fingernails and cuticles to help moisturize and keep your nails looking their very best!

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