The Review: Line Smoother vs. The Worry Wrinkle

Hello readers, WE MADE IT - to Spring!!

I don’t know about you but to me this seemed like a particularly brutal winter and even though we’re not quite yet into patio and bikini season, I am reveling in the longer days and slightly less-frigid temperatures!



Now it may be a combination of my approaching a birthday and that it also feels like this past winter took a toll on my skin, but I’ve started noticing more fine lines on my face and even *gasp* one big worry wrinkle across my forehead. It probably also doesn’t help that I spend too much time staring at the magnified side of my vanity mirror (never do this, it does not bode well for your confidence). I’ve always been conscious of taking care of my skin and following a good skincare routine, but you can’t help the natural process of aging once it starts to affect your skin. …Can you?


More and more women (and men!) I know are turning to cosmetic treatments like fillers or Botox, and many like me aren’t even 30 yet (but not far off). And hey, if it’s something that gives you more confidence and makes you happy I fully support that choice, although I’m just not quite there yet (I’m not a fan of needles). At the same time I do find myself getting a little self conscious of my skin starting to show its age and wanting to do something about it. I’ve been paying more and more attention to those fluffy commercials or ads for the latest ~Anti-aging Miracle~ products that somehow apparently erase wrinkles and fine lines like magic. I’m also a pretty big skeptic and try to think critically when it comes to the products I buy. 


iampure Maple Glow Line Smoother

This brings me (after that whole tangent) to this month’s reviewed product which I was lucky enough to test out for the past few weeks, the iampure Maple Glow Line Smoother. I’ve already tried a few products in this line (the exfoliating mask in particular is fantastic) so I already felt pretty reassured that this brand was gentle and suited my skin, also that it is Canadian-made and free of sulfates, parabens, paraffins -basically all the gross things you do not want on your face. 

While I was still very skeptical that anything other than actual cosmetic injections could do anything about my forehead wrinkle, I was very intrigued to try something that I could apply topically and needle-free. My first impression was that like the exfoliating mask, the Line Smoother smells great. The Maple Compound in the formula does give it a mild maple-y smell however it does fade so I didn’t find it overpowering by any means. It also has a creamy texture that is simultaneously light but not drippy which makes it much easier to apply precisely to problem areas more so than a serum. It also absorbed really easily which was great as I absolutely cannot stand products that feel heavy or greasy on my skin, and I will say it did immediately make the areas I applied it to feel very smooth. Did it immediately disappear my forehead wrinkle though? No. I wasn’t expecting it to after one application though, and that is the key thing here - searching for one miracle ingredient or product that can do it all cheats your skin! 


Applying Line Smoother

With that in mind, I started incorporating the Line Smoother into my regular skincare routine subbing it in for the serum I usually use at night before bed. I found I didn’t like using it in the morning before applying makeup because my foundation didn’t blend as well over the areas where I had applied the Line Smoother. However applying it at night I started noticing after about a week that my skin started looking more even and smooth in the mornings. I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect but my dreaded forehead wrinkle has started to look less noticeable along with the fine lines that had been popping up around my eyes and mouth. It’s definitely a product I want to continue using and would recommend to those like me who worry about their worry lines. But I do want to stress that patience is key- not just with any anti-aging products but with your skincare in general! 


Before and After         













Before and After's provided by iampure Maple Glow


It’s very easy to get sucked in to aggressive marketing ploys that play on our insecurities and try to tell us that a miracle ingredient or product will fix all of our problems. However everything our skin needs simply cannot fit into one product and certainly cannot be changed like magic overnight! By banking on one miracle anti-aging cure you’ll be losing out on the dramatic improvements you could get from using an array of necessary products with a variety of essential ingredients and skin-nutrients. Balance and consistency is key!

If you are also fretting about wrinkles or signs of aging on your skin here are a few hand tips to help keep you from getting more worry lines: 


  1. Ignore exaggerated product claims and start looking at the ingredients and what they can do to benefit your skin


  1. Stop looking or one miracle ingredient or one miracle product; just like our bodies need a wide variety of nutrition foods to stay healthy, your skin needs a balanced ‘diet’ of ingredients provided by consistent use of a high-quality skincare routine.

    3. Use a carefully selected skincare routine that works for YOU and your skin. For some a basic routine can work great, but depending on skin type and concerns a more advanced or gentle routine will suit your skin best

    4. Don't expect instant results. You can’t suddenly wake up without wrinkles or sun damage! So don’t expect radical results overnight unless you are visiting a cosmetic physician’s office. It takes time for any product to make a difference and for your skin to acclimatize to a new product or routine. And continued use is necessary to maintain results so unless it is causing irritation to your skin don’t give up on a product right away as it can take several weeks before results become visible.

    5. Avoid products with skin-aggravating or harsh ingredients! Gentle, non-irritating ingredients are very important as ingredients like parabens or sulphates can leave your skin vulnerable to environmental damage and hinders you skin’s ability to renew and restore itself.


  1. This should go without saying, but SPF! Use it every day on top of your day cream/toner/etc in rain or shine, winter or summer, to protect your skin for sun damage and premature aging!


Stay tuned each month as we continue to bring you honest & personal reviews on all sorts of health, beauty and wellness products! If you have any suggestions or requests for products for us to review, don't hesitate to let us know! And as always, never forget to #BeGoodToYourself!

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