The Review: iampure Maple Glow Eye Cream

How is it that even though we’re officially less than a few days into the Fall season and I’ve gone from having limitless energy for Summer activities (mainly Patio-hopping, let’s be real) to feeling like I could constantly use a nap?! It could be the cooler weather, the shorter days, having to wake up an hour earlier for my new commute to work…not complaining, but the transition has been a little unpleasant! All in all I feel like I’ve started looking a bit like a panda bear because my seasonal sleepiness is definitely starting to show in my face. I’ve also started noticing what looks like *gasp* crow’s feet or sneaky lines around my eyes in more recent pictures of myself. I’m not even 30 yet but it is definitely a bit of a reality check that much like winter, Wrinkles are Coming. I’ve already used several products from the Iampure Maple Glow Line (the delicious & luxurious Exfoliating Mask & the magical Line Smoother) so I opted to try out the Maple Glow 24hr Eye Cream. Clearly I’m a little biased towards this line because a) it smells amazing, b) the packaging is gorgeous (hey aesthetics are a bonus), and c) the products I’ve tried have done wonders for my skin! 


Eye Care

When you think about it it’s not surprising that our eyes are usually the first part of our face to start to show the aging process and where you will likely first start to see fine lines and wrinkles. The skin under and around our eyes is much thinner than the rest of our face, therefore one of the earliest signs of aging is puffiness, sagging and wrinkles around your eyes. Another compounding factor is our eyes do a lot of work when you really think about it! We blink on average every 4 seconds, during waking hours our eyes are almost constantly moving, squinting, moving with our facial expressions; no wonder they get so tired!



Gentle Eye Care

This is a huge reason why we need to be extremely gentle with our eyes and give them proper TLC. I’m the type of girl who likes to keep my morning routine as low-maintenance as possible (you can fit in a few more minutes of sleep that way), so normally I would roll my eyes at the idea of buying a separate eye cream or treatment on top of my usual day and night creams. But the more I looked into it, the more it makes sense that our eyes need a bit of specialized care.

Aside from the skin around the eyes already being so delicate, this area also produces much less sebum and natural moisturizing oils. Even if you are prone to oily skin or acne chances are you won’t see blackheads or pimples in those areas around your eyes, right? The downside is those areas naturally need more moisture than the rest of your face. A standard or even high-end day cream might work very well on your T-zone & cheeks but will fall short of providing enough moisture around your eyes.


Eye Skin CareAnother issue is that most day and night moisturizers won’t be gentle enough for the significantly more sensitive skin around your eyes. A rich night cream with harsher ingredients or a fragrance could cause a reaction or irritation to your eyes; I know I’ve definitely noticed a stinging sensation when using certain products too close to my eyes! This is why it can be very beneficial to have a separate eye cream from your usual moisturizer, just like you wouldn’t want to use hand soap on your hair!




iampure Maple Glow Eye Cream

So as iampure Maple Glow is a luxury skincare line, the price tags on most of the line are a little pricey at $39.00; but still significantly less than your typical Sephora product! As the name implies, this is a 24-hour eye cream meaning you can use it both in the morning/daytime and at night before bed; no worrying about keeping your day/night products straight! You also get quite a generous amount, this one jar could easily last over six months and you’re only applying it to a small section of skin, and a little goes a long way. All in all you definitely get your money’s worth with this product.



Skin Care

The first thing I noticed when I opened a brand new jar of the Eye Cream was that the yummy signature maple smell is absent. It was a little disappointing as I kind of love smelling like a syrup-y pancake, but a massive pro to this completely scent-free formula is that there was zero irritation to my eyes and absolutely no stinging or sensitivity to the skin around my eyes when I applied it! The texture of the cream is very light and airy and it absorbed very nicely as well, so I could so head and apply my concealer on top without any issue. If anything the cream acted like a bit of a primer under my makeup, I definitely didn’t have raccoon-eyes by the end of the day (raccoon eyes are totally different from panda-eyes FYI, I just love animal metaphors).



Maple Glow Eye Cream Results

Now I will be totally honest that a week on from adding the Maple Glow Eye Cream to my beauty routine that I haven’t yet magically transformed into a bright-eyed wonder who doesn’t need coffee or concealer to not look like a zombie every morning. Unless you are seeing a plastic surgeon you are never going to see immediate and significant effects from a skincare product, no matter how high-end or advanced. Your skin needs time to adjust to a new product, especially one that needs to be gentle enough to use on such a sensitive area of your face. I have noticed some subtle yet very nice changes however in that my face and eye-area never feel dry or irritated throughout the day, my skin actually feels very moisturized, supple and even springy. And while I do still have some dark circles in the hour or so after I wake up, they seem to fade much more quickly as the day goes on whereas before they usually hung around well past lunchtime. It’s a very subtle change, but a good one- it feels really nice to know I’m taking care of such a delicate part of my skin!



If you’re feeling like your eyes could also use some TLC this season I highly recommend the Iampure Maple Glow 24hour Eye Cream, and here are a few extra tips to keep your peepers looking/feeling as fresh and well rested as if you spent the morning sleeping in:

  • It should be a no-brainer but always be careful to keep eye creams/treatments/anything from getting directly into your eyes as it could cause irritation or infection
  • If your eye cream comes in a jar, be sure to use a Q-tip or small spatula to scoop out the cream to apply to your face in order to avoid contaminating the cream with germs that may be on your fingers (the MapleGlow Eye Cream comes with a little spatula!)
  • A gentle hand is key when applying eye cream or serum! The most effective and gentle method is to apply a pea-sized amount with your ring finger (you have the fewest muscles in this finger therefore it has a much more gentle touch) and lightly dab the product under and around your eyes and along the brow bone, gently patting it until it fully absorbs. Never rub the skin in this area of your face! Always take care in removing eye makeup and reducing any other tugging, pulling or rubbing of the delicate skin area around your eyes.
  • Final Rule of thumb (or ring finger); when it comes to skincare, the earlier the better. Most people start using eye cream only when they start noticing the first subtle creases at the outer corner of their eyes, but you can start as early as your 20's before you even see a wrinkle. The best results come from prevention, it’s far easier to prevent future damage to your skin than it is to repair it later!


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