The Review: A Dose of Scar Therapy

Well it looks like we’re still waiting on spring here in Canada, however even if the weather outside hasn’t quite caught up, this is always the time of year when we find ourselves wanting to take on new projects; be it some much needed spring cleaning, a new hobby or DIY project, spring is the time of year when we all get inspired and energized to get busy and try new things! 


Now as a perpetually clumsy human being, this springtime zest for life and activity brings a whole new level of hazard to my general well being. Finally trading in my winter boots for heels? Much like a newborn deer finding its legs you best believe I’m going to be waaay more prone to trips and falls. Now that it’s finally getting nice enough to get outside for a jog means my rate of sprained ankles or tripping over the sidewalk is about to go way up as well! Busting out the summer glassware for making fun cocktails? It’s barely May and I’ve already shattered two glasses. I recently got inspired to try out some new hairstyle techniques from watching Youtube tutorials; Guess how many times times I’ve burnt my hands or face with my curling wand?!!


Okay, this isn’t an exercise in self-deprecation - what I’m getting at is how easy it is to fall victim to your own clumsiness and wind up with (hopefully!) minor injuries. If the body is a canvas, the bodies of those who are more accident-prone can probably paint quite a picture! I’m fairly fortunate in that I don’t have many scars from all of my various mishaps (aside from a big one under my chin from a rollerblading accident!), but not everyone is so lucky. So it’s fitting that this month’s featured item for our review is the newly re-launched Kalaya Scar Therapy treatment! 


Kalaya Scar Therapy

The Scar Therapy is formulated by Canadian Medical Professionals as a treatment to reduce and improve the appearance of new and old scars. I had used the original Kalaya Scar Therapy formula about a year ago on a burn from campfire-related incident. I wish I had taken before and after photos back then, because it was amazing how quickly the treatment worked, my burn faded within the span of about 2 weeks and erased any hint of my misadventure. I was therefore quite excited to hear of the relaunch of the new and improved Scar Therapy from Kalaya, as the original had already proven to be very effective for me. 


The Ingredients

The new scar treatment formula has been enhanced with Vitamin C and a blend of Peptides to help heal skin and fade the discolouration and texture or scars. Vitamin C is proven to promote skin regeneration, and as I already use a Vitamin C serum on my face to even skin tone I can see why it would make sense as an ingredient to treat and fade the appearance of a scar! Peptides, on the other hand, are considered the building blocks of proteins in the skin and stimulate the formation of new collagen which is what makes skin look more youthful and healthy. The addition of these two powerhouse ingredients definitely enhances the Scar Therapy even further from a skincare perspective. 


The new formula is also formulated for sensitive skin (however it also works just as well for regular skin too). I can see how this could be a fantastic product for someone with very sensitive skin for whom a more aggressive (and expensive) treatment like laser therapy would not be an option. This topical treatment is in a gel form which feels velvety on your skin and isn’t wet or runny to apply and is invisible once massaged into the skin. I should mention that with this (or any other scar treatment) that while it can be used on new scars you should should not apply it on broken skin, aka a fresh cut or an open wound!


The Results

As I somehow made it through the month without any minor scars or wounds of my own to try out the Scar Therapy on (and I wasn’t about to take up mountain biking or anything in order to fix that, sorry not sorry!), I lent mine to a friend who suffered a burn on her hand from the oven while she was baking and fumbled a pan (sounds more like something I would do!). She very helpfully kept a progress report on using the Scar Therapy for me over the span of a week as evidence of its effectiveness: 


You can see from the pictures that there was a radical improvement in the appearance of her burn fading almost completely in the span of less than a week! She thought the treatment definitely helped her skin heal more quickly than if she had left it to heal on its own, and she felt that the gel helped to protect her burn while it healed. She was also very pleased that the treatment was odourless and didn’t sting or irritate as her skin. It was more on the sensitive side and she had remembered trying other scar treatments previously that had unpleasant odours similar to nail polish which were pretty off-putting. Because this treatment was so easy and fuss-free to use she found she was much more prone apply it the recommended 2x’s per day which helped her burn to heal even quicker.   


All in all, the new Scar Therapy is a product we can *both* recommend to treat your battle wounds and to keep on hand while you head off on your springtime adventures!


Tips for Best Results

Here are a few extra tips when using the scar treatment:


  • As you’ve seen, while this treatment works very quickly to fade new scars, as with any scar treatment it will take a little longer for the appearance of older scars to fade.


  • As mentioned, the best time to apply (any) scar treatment is once the wound has healed. If the wound is from a surgical procedure be sure to wait until the incisions are fully closed before applying a scar treatment (this make take up to 5-6 weeks post-surgery).


  • This should go without saying, but always be sure to protect your skin with a proper SPF especially on scars as newly healed skin is especially sensitive to UV rays from sun exposure




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