The Power of the Mask

It feels like almost a life time ago when I created my own masks from scratch for an experiment in the name of beauty! (If you missed it, you can read all about DIY masks here). Face masks and hair masks, despite the innovative array products coming to market nearly all the time, will always remain a key part of any beauty routine. A nourishing blend of vitamins, minerals and oils repair the skin, while you get to relax – it really doesn’t get better.




The reason that masks (both for the hair and for the face) are hailed as saviours by consumers and industry experts alike is because of their ability to repair. Due to the high concentration of ingredients, it is advisable to use masks every now and then. In my experience, I have always felt it beneficial to do face mask twice a week whilst keeping a hair mask to once a week. This will be different for most people depending on the needs of their hair and skin.




Hair Mask

My hair is dry from bleaching and heat tools so once a week is definitely much needed! However, I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, so to use a hair mask more than once per week would be too much. To identify what type of hair mask is suitable for your hair it is important to discover what your hair is lacking. Is it dull and requiring shine? Is it dry and needing extra moisturizer? Is your washed-out colour needing an extra pop? There are hundreds of different hair masks on the market, navigate your way through the masses by reading the ingredients. Search for terms that include oils or key proteins such as keratin. Or, go au natural and make your own!




Face Mask

Now, if you thought there were a lot of hair masks out there then you haven’t been on the search for a face mask! Face masks are as much about the idea of pampering as they are about genuine skin care #BeGoodToYourself. As a lifestyle product, shopping for a face mask has an emotional element attached - not only must you search for what your skin needs like hair masks, other factors may be just as important to you.  Consistency is an essential choice: is the mask to be thick and mud-like or is it a thin gel? Do you wash off or peel off? Would you like it to be cool or warm? There is more to think about, and each factor will have its own benefits.Something that plays a large part in my buying process is the scent of the mask. Masks are usually kept on for a minimum of 15 minutes so it’s quite common that people will be doing something whilst wearing a mask, like chilling in a bath or watching in TV! My top choices for ultimate relaxation are fruity scents, like Boo Bamboo Sheet Masks. Not only are fruity scents pleasant, they always make me feel fresh faced!





Given that the nature of masks require you to take your time makes me advocate them even more. Yes, the once a week boost they can give to your hair and face are key for repairing damage however, I think the most compelling case to incorporate them as part of your routine is the fact that they force you to have some me time. Taking some time out for self-care alone can work wonders on the health of your complexion and hair. As a de-stress measure, masks can increase your wellness and give you the time that you need and deserve. The underlying beauty of the masks is that they look after your skin and hair, but more importantly – you!

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