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The Journey of Becoming a Physician

If someone told me 10 years ago that I would one day become a physician I would have most likely laughed out loud in incredulity. Yet here I am at 32 years of age finishing up my first year of medical school. It’s interesting how life twists and turns, and how the person you are at one point in time can transform into someone very different along the way. Is personal change a necessity in life for survival or to remain relevant in a changing society, or is it simply a product of our experiences? Perhaps we as individuals simply need to continually change in order for us to become the most successful versions of ourselves. 


Medical School


Ten years ago I defined myself as an artist. Creative expression allowed me to take a step back from the world I existed in, visually expose it on paper, canvas or whatever other medium I could get my hands on, and draw connections and conclusions as to what it meant to me. My love for art drew me to graphic design and, by extension, marketing. Unbeknownst to me at the time, though, these fields have very little to do with art and everything to do with communication. To be successful, I was required to analytically contemplate less the environmental and situational aspects of life and more the people. I tried to answer such questions as ‘why do people find certain things (products, events, messages) appealing and not others?’ or ‘why do people become emotionally invested in certain brands and express loyalty to certain products, and not others?’ and ‘what makes people behave the way they do?’. It was this interest and fascination into people that began to draw me to medicine. For me, the inquisition eventually became less about how I could appeal to people’s inner emotions, desires, fears, wants and needs, and more about how can I help mend people on a physical, mental and emotional level.


Medical School


About five years into my career as a graphic designer I was hired by Avaria Health & Beauty Corp. During my six-year tenure at Avaria, I developed eVitality with the goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle with products that people could feel good about and place their trust in. I felt that it was a way for me to become a wellness advocate, a role that I was becoming more and more interested in. I soon realized, however, that I wanted to do more, and so after extensive contemplation I made the decision to fully pursue and dedicate myself to a career in healthcare. I often wonder if I would have ended up in the field of medicine had I not accepted the job at Avaria. I am not sure, but as I look back upon my journey to get to where I am now I can clearly see the connections and happenstance circumstances that lead me here, forces that swayed me in one direction or another, which most often relied upon whether I said yes or no to an opportunity. Whether I turned left or right at a crossroad would inevitably mean defining and redefining who I would become based upon the experiences I would encounter. But first it meant having the tenacity to say yes to change, and to be excited about the prospect of evolving into someone completely new through the process.

As the founder of eVitality, I would like to share what I learn and the experiences I encounter during my medical school journey from point A to point B through this blog, so thank you for reading and please stay tuned!

Candice Griffin is eVitality's founder, and is now pursuing a career in medicine. Read more about her here.

July 08, 2016 by Candice Griffin

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