Spring (Cleaning) is in the Air

I would like to know whose idea is was to “spring clean.” Let’s think about this for a moment...you’ve been inside all winter, hiding from the cold and snow, yearning for sunshine and the promise of new growth. Spring has finally arrived, but wait! Pause that thought. Let’s just do a quick, yet thorough spring-cleaning before we get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather...Come again?! As you might be able to guess, I’m not really into “spring-cleaning”. However, don’t misunderstand. I have Type A personality where everything has its place. People probably think my house is neat and tidy and I do like a clean house. I’m a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to cleaning as there are some chores I do every week and others I wish I could pay someone to do for me. Like when I do get around to dusting, I feel like I deserve a medal! But in my opinion there is something totally backwards about doing a thorough house clean just when the weather is getting nice. I’d much rather be outside in the garden getting my hands dirty!


Cleaning ProductsI will admit that there are some arduous chores that have to wait until the weather is warm. For example, cleaning windows. No one would willingly clean their windows in the deep freeze of winter, so it make sense to have them as part of the spring-clean “to-do” list. It took me a looong time to get around to cleaning my windows and really I have no excuse because most of my windows are those awesome ones that flip down so you can do all your window cleaning indoors. I only have about a dozen windows in my teeny, tiny house so you’d think I would get it done in no time, but I had a really hard time getting started. So I decided to tackle the windows one room at time and the sense of accomplishment at getting one room done each day was enough to motivate me to keep going the next day, and the next until the job was done.


ClosetAnother task that is often found on springtime to-do lists is closet cleaning. No problem there because I have no closets in my house….for real. I don’t. The main part of my little house is over one hundred years old and I guess they didn’t believe in closets back then. Lucky for me my husband built some storage spaces upstairs when he redid our bedroom, but I wouldn’t call them closets. It’s where I keep Christmas decorations, sleeping bags, out-of-season shoes and the next size up clothing for my kids. Because things are constantly coming in and out of these storage spaces, it stays quite organized and there’s no time (or space) for junk to accumulate.


Kitchen Cleaning

Something closely related to closets are kitchen cupboards. I would agree that it’s a good idea to go through your cupboards and drawers at least once a year to not only wash them out and give the outside a good wipe-down, but to also go through and get rid of stuff you no longer use or need. Thankfully I have decent amount of cupboard space, but certainly not enough space to hang onto items I don’t use. I would much rather clear the space to make room for something I would love to have, like a small food processor. But once again, who wants to do that in the spring? Not me! So I save this somewhat time consuming and monotonous task for a dreary day, whether it be a frigid winter day or a rainy spring day. Once again, I prefer to chunk this task into manageable sections of cupboards, rather than the go-big, go-home/get-it-done-all-at-once method. (I have three kids, remember? Get-it-done-all-at-once is not in the vocabulary...this is also why I get up at a ridiculous hour to squeeze in a workout. No interruptions = pure bliss).


CleaningJust for fun, I decided to “google” the most popular spring cleaning tasks. If you want a good laugh, you should do it. I burst out laughing….it was 8 pages long!! Are you kidding? Once again, why in the world would you want to do this in the spring when the weather is so enjoyable? And I live in the country….with a gravel driveway. Do you know how much of that gravel ends up in my house and how muddy it is when things start to melt and then when it starts to rain? Once again, why are we not doing these in the winter on days when it’s too cold to be outside for more than fifteen minutes? I do love winter, but there truly are some days when it’s best to stay inside. As I perused the list, I noticed a lot of dusting under each subheading. Again, I really need to hire someone in to do that. And truthfully, whoever invented knick-knacks and had the idea to have them set up around your house as decorations probably also had an aversion to dusting.


Bathroom Cleaning

If I may, let me share a few of my favourites from the “ultimate” list: tighten toilet lid hinges - good idea, but why not do it when you notice the lid is loose? Dust crown molding - thank goodness I don’t have any of that nonsense in my house! Granted I do find cobwebs in the corners and on the ceiling, but I take care of them once the spiders are done living there. Clean and disinfect toothbrush holders - I have three young kids and a husband. That thing can get nasty so it needs way more frequent attention than a “spring clean”! There is a whole section on Spring Clean the Laundry/Utility Room - dodged another bullet there...I don’t have one of those - my washer and dryer are in my bathroom. Phew! And lastly, I’m a little concerned that in the bedroom section was wash bedsheets and pillows - again I really hope this is something that happens a little more frequently than during spring cleaning.


Ahhh….Spring is in the air. Finally! But not spring cleaning, at least for me. You should always do what works best for you and your lifestyle, but I’m more of a year-round cleaning type and I like to get the job done if it needs it. If I know something needs to be done that hasn’t been done in a while, I’ll get to it. But, I don’t have any set timeline or even a deadline. Besides, there’s a reason I live in a small house and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

March 29, 2018 by An eVitality Staffer

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