So You Wanna Start Running

Runners are so fit! So lean! So motivated! But where do you begin?! The last time you tried going for a jog, you made it a block before you either:

a) got a painful, awful, ruthless cramp

b) had to bend over while gasping for breath

c) had to start walking and hoped that anyone who was watching you assumed you were at the tail end of your easy-peasy 15 km run and were deservedly 'cooling down'.

And that unpleasant attempt probably prevented other journeys on the pavement from happening any time soon. But wait! Running is great exercise and it's free (see ya, gym membership!) and you can do it whenever you have the time. So let's find out how to start running, and continue running as a part of your healthy lifestyle. 


two runners in a field

Start small & short: 

On run #1, plan for a grand total of 10 moving minutes. Don't run the entire time, alternate between running and walking (2 minutes running, 1 minute walking). Stop after ten minutes, even if you think you could keep going, and pat yourself on the back. If you quit while you're ahead, a few things will happen: you'll start the process of progressively building your endurance, you'll finish run #1 feeling good instead of miserably tired, and you'll decrease your chances of being very sore in the following days (thereby lessening the chances of you skipping run #2).


Jogger in an urban scene

Stand tall:

If you're conscious of where your limbs are, you can minimize flailing and foot-dragging. Instead, you can run tall and thus be more efficient. Look at the horizon, try not to slouch, and relax your hands. Maybe pretend you're the star of a music video that features a gorgeous human (you) running along a beach (the sidewalk) while looking totally hot. Achieving proper form will set you up for an easier transition into regular running.



tying up a running shoe

Just the right size:

You need proper running shoes. That's a non-negotiable part of the deal folks. If your kicks are improperly fitting or are worn out, it's not a good idea to wear them since they can increase your chance of injury and they won't allow you to be comfortable. If you get good running shoes that fit well, especially ones that look cool (you go faster in cool shoes, don't-cha-know), you'll be able to prevent blisters and knee soreness, making you ready for run #2! Also, that small investment in your running outfit might motivate you to get your money's worth.


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