Sleep Your Way to Beautiful Skin

It's called beauty rest for a reason folks- while you sleep all the cells in your body (including your skin cells!) have a chance to repair and regenerate without having to battle the environmental factors that you come into contact with during the day. While you dream about rainbows & bunnies, let your skin work for you by following the suggestions below...


remove make up before bed

Makeup off every night
: No excuses! None! Each and every night before you start counting sheep, make sure you remove all makeup from your face. Mascara, foundation, lipstick: the works. Use a makeup remover (coconut oil works well) as well as a gentle cleanser to ensure you've cleaned all foreign substances off your skin. Doing so allows pores to breathe and prevents clogging and infection. With a clean slate, your skin can function as needed without any extra gunk getting in the way.

moisturize your face before bed

Hydrate your skin
: Of course you should make sure to drink water throughout the day to keep hydrated, but don't forget about your skin! Applying a moisturizer before bed supplies your skin with the tools it needs to repair and regenerate to the best of its ability. For example, a serum that contains antioxidants and good ol' H2O will equip your skin to repair DNA damage & retain moisture.

lavender essential oil

Get a good sleep, a reallllly good sleep
: By getting a good quality of sleep each night means you're optimizing the conditions for your skin to rejuvenate. One trusted way of achieving a restful sleep is to incorporate lavender essential oil into your bedtime routine. Lavender essential oil is known to help induce sleep. If you'd like to avoid over-the-counter sleeping pills, this essential oil is a great alternative, as is this all-natural, organic sleep balm.


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