The Review: The *Good* Kind of Vaping

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For our first *official* ­review we’re thinking very practically: WINTER IS COMING!

...and so is the dreaded cough, cold and flu season! 


headacheThe past 2 weeks I’ve been hiding from a vicious pre-winter cold which has been steadily making its way through the office (the hand sanitizer has been getting more use than the Keurig which is frankly saying something). While I’ve been lucky enough to avoid this monster cold so far *knocks on desk*, I’ve had a secret weapon (though not-so-secret now!) which has been a lifesaver anytime I’ve starting getting those annoying early cold systems, and which has helped to keep me from transforming into a full-on, wheezing, drippy-nosed mess.



Breathe Easy

The Product: Kalaya Naturals Breathe Easy      

Typically, whenever I'd catch a cold the first thing I’d reach for was some sort of extra-strength cold/flu tablets from the nearest drugstore and pray for some quick relief from the usual wheezing/sniffling and interminable sinus headaches I was prone to every winter. Then, last winter when the terrible cold-cycle started up yet again I discovered an amazing little remedy that a co-worker (or is saint too strong of a word?) recommended; Kalaya Naturals Breathe Easy Vapo Rub. I was already familiar with the Kalaya Naturals Pain Rub but had never tried the Vapo Rub, which to me had always seemed like quite an old-fashioned/retro cold remedy. I had been so accustomed to popping cold & flu pills every season and spending hours waiting for some relief to kick in, so I was skeptical that a natural Vapo Rub could be as effective in alleviating those uncomfortable cold symptoms. However, the second I twisted off the lid of the Vapo Rub and took a sniff I immediately felt my achy, clogged sinuses finally open up! I could feel the menthol & camphor vapour tingling through my stuffy sinuses and down into my throat providing relief instantly. It was amazing to actually feel something working and relieve my awful symptoms right away!

Now for those of you who are already familiar with using a Vapo Rub for cold symptoms, you might be more inclined to use a more recognizable brand, but hear me out. As consumers we're becoming more considerate of the ingredients we use and what we put on our skin and the "Naturals" in this brand name really describes what you're getting in the ingredient list. Other Vapo Rubs typically contain petroleum as a base (which is less than ideal to use on sensitive skin!) while Kalaya Naturals is a much more natural alternative containing a base of Beeswax and Soy Wax. Despite being a more gentle product it definitely doesn't compromise in its effectiveness. The rub contains an amazing combo of Menthol, Wintergreen, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Ginseng and Echinacea, which are all natural active ingredients that provide relief from your vexing sinus congestion and sore throat.



Tips, Tricks & Truths about Breathe Easy        

As an extra tip, you aren't limited to applying the Vapo Rub to just your chest & throat area for relief; a classic cold-hack (as in life-hack not hacking-cough!) is to apply Vapo Rub to the soles of your feet and then pop on a pair of thick socks right before bed. There is some debate as to whether applying a Vapo Rub to the feet is as effective in relieving a cough compared to applying it to the chest, but it is an excellent option for those who are very sensitive to scents or aren't big fans of the smell of menthol and prefer not to apply Vapo Rub near their face.

As someone who does not have sensitivities to scents (probably due to my weak sinuses!), my own personal cold-fighting hack is to apply this Vapo Rub right below my nose/nostrils before bed time. For me the worst part about having a cold is having difficulty sleeping because I can't breathe properly through my nose when my sinuses are blocked. Breathe Easy with literally help you breathe easily by opening up & soothing inflamed sinuses especially when applied directly under your nose! My one warning about this method of application is that if your nose is a little raw from sneezing or from repeatedly wiping on tissues then your skin might be a little too sensitive for applying the tingling rub so close to your nostrils.

I recently discovered another use for this magical rub, when my roommate came down with the dreaded recent cold/flu that's been going around - she nearly had to cancel on our Halloween party plans. She woke up with a terrible flu migraine & aching pain in her neck, so I passed her a jar of Breathe Easy (just how it had been passed on to me, how poetic) and she -out of sheer desperation- dabbed some onto the back of her neck and forehead to see if it would help with that terrible flu achey-ness. Safe to say I've created another Kalaya Naturals convert - she found her stubborn migraine started to fade away, as did the aching muscle pain, within half the time of popping some extra-strength Advil!

And *that* is the story of how I saved Halloween. 
...Just kidding, that's just my story and experience with a product that can help provide some much needed relief when cold & flu season rears it's ugly head so that you don't have to waste any time feeling less than fantastic when there are so many other aspects of Fall & Winter to enjoy!



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