Protect Your Skin from Cold Weather This Season!

Winter is coming. And with it, dry skin. With the onset of cold weather it seems inevitable that areas of our skin lose moisture. For me, it's around my nose and under my eyebrows (weird, right? It's not cute when your eyebrows have dandruff). But there are things we can do to prevent our skin from drying out. Read on to see what you can do to maintain hydrated skin throughout the cold, cold winter.

use lukewarm water for bathing in the winter months

Cut back on the hot, hot, hot showers
: Hopping into a nice hot shower when the weather outside is oh, so chilly is a wonderful sensation. Unfortunately, hot baths and showers can cause dry skin. This is because our skin has a protective barrier that keeps moisture in, but hot water can strip away these protective oils. So instead, try making your bathing sessions lukewarm in temperature to avoid dry, itchy skin.

hydrate skin by eating raw fruit
Continue eating raw, juicy foods
: Because they're usually cold and refreshing, we often eat raw fruits and vegetables in the summer whereas in the winter we tend to eat these foods warm & cooked. Since fresh produce is available all throughout the winter, it's possible and important to continue eating raw fruit and veg all season long. Your body can digest raw produce without needing to use its water reserves, because raw produce has a high water content, thus leaving your body hydrated. And don't forget about all the vitamins and nutrients you get from raw fruits and veggies!

drink water in winter months to avoid dry skin

Drink up
: When it's cold out, many of us neglect our water bottles. In the summer we're hot and we have no problem drinking H2O to replace what our bodies lose through sweat. But wintertime temperatures don't have us automatically reaching for a cold glass of water. Remind yourself to stay hydrated, your winter skin will thank you.

moisturize in the winter

Moisturize & cleanse
: Ok, perhaps this one is obvious, but it's so important to treat your dry skin with a moisturizing cream! If you can't prevent your skin from drying out then you have to address it once it occurs. When cleansing, it's a good idea to avoid harsh products that strip the skin of its natural oils (we're looking at you, sulphates). Using a natural product can help keep your skin's moisture where it belongs. Pro Tip: don't exfoliate away the dead skin too frequently as doing so will most certainly perpetuate dry, flaky skin.

To moisturize your body: try thisthis and this
To moisturize dry, cracked feet & elbows: try this
To cleanse: try this

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