Oh So *Essential* Oils

My love for natural oil as a beauty aid developed from a deep, deep need within to GLOW ALL OVER whilst having a rather light-on-the-funds bank balance. I used to love reading blogger reviews and watching YouTube videos promoting miracle-working hair and body oils. These premium products were made with a whole cocktail of ingredients and as a result, had hefty price-tag that often proved a bit too unjustifiable for me.

A couple of years ago there was a sudden surge in Coconut Oil as a component to Limited Edition hair and beauty products, a clever marketing spin that clearly reflected the hype around the natural oil at the time. I was so intrigued to determine whether or not this was just another beauty fad, so ordered a £5 jar of Virgin Coconut Oil from Amazon and decided to truly give it a go myself. After realizing I could no longer live without it, I took it upon myself to do a bit of research into natural oils and why they are the Jack of All Trades of the beauty world. I’ve picked out a few of my favourites below, all of which I have tried and tested.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is key for hydration and works especially well as a hair mask. I love taking 2 scoops of the oil and melting it in the microwave (this can be as quick as 10 seconds). When liquefied, I literally put my hair in the bowl and let my dry ends soak up the product. Any excess can be dispersed through the top half of your head. I leave this on for as little as 15 minutes before washing and my hair blow-dries significantly smoother. After repeating this once a week for 1-2 months I noticed an actual permanent change to my hair that had previously felt exhausted by bleach. Side note, PLEASE make sure to thoroughly shampoo before conditioning or your hair will look wet rather than shiny. Trust me this happened to me one day, and people genuinely thought my hair was wet, all day, not a good look…

I tried using Coconut Oil as an overnight serum too. My face felt super soft in the morning! Coconut Oil, in my opinion, is one of the thicker oils (perhaps one reason it’s a God-send for repairing bleached locks) therefore, can risk being too heavy for skin. In saying that, being thicker means it  could work well on those with less-oily/dry skin.


Lavender Oil

Lavender is a well-known plant, colour and scent, however, rarely is it discussed with regards to its oil form. When you take a closer look, Lavender Oil can be found in many beauty products for its ability to reduce redness, another un-sung hero for breakouts. Lavender Oil, upon personal observation, is a natural oil favoured by beauty therapists. This is most likely due the oils’ calming capabilities not only on skin but as a relaxant. Instead of using a super strong scented quick spot treatment, opt to rub some pure Lavender Oil on the affected area before bed. Not only will this attempt to heal the skin more gently, it will aid you in getting to sleep.



Macadamia Oil

Fun fact: Macadamia Oil comes from a nut. Who knew? Macadamia Oil is often associated with benefits to hair. This oil is recommended to be used on damp hair before heat styling as it acts as a protective barrier with smoothing abilities. For added benefits, Macadamia Oil can be smoothed over dry ends in order to re-hydrate and create shine, allowing split ends to appear healthier. Macadamia Oil is a personal preference of mine to Moroccan and Argan Oil as I feel they seemed heavier on my hair once it was dry. In particular when styling my hair to have a bouncy and fuller look (curls, for example) my hair was not weighed down with the use of Macadamia Oil.


Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is particularly impressive for its abilities to reduce darker areas of skin; be it ageing, skin damage or hormone incurred. This is because the natural oil is packed with Vitamins A and C as well as having anti-inflammatory purposes – a key reason it’s great for treating and reducing the redness of acne. It’s abilities for evening out skin tone is one that I can vouch for myself, with it being my most recent case study. I like using this one on my face as it isn’t harsh and doesn’t clog the skin. I’ve also used this as a substitute for moisturiser for my lips and legs during the colder months and I definitely noticed an improvement. I made sure to let this soak in before heading to bed to avoid product rubbing off on my bed sheets!


Tea Tree Oil

This oil was an ingredient in the first ever beauty product I purchased (or my mum on my behalf) so I do have a soft spot (no pun intended) for it! Tea Tree Oil is famous as being the Holy Grail for zapping zits and is a go to for many skin care products, especially ranges with a focus on sensitive skin. Filled with anti-septic properties, the brilliance of this oil has been used for years to treat wounds, so it’s no wonder that it’s a favourite of beauty lovers to clear up skin. Its ability to cleanse open breaks in the skin’s surface guarantees it to be a reliable fix during breakouts.


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