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My husband and I were never ones to whoop it up at a big celebration to ring in a new year before we had kids. Most of the time we would get together with a few other couples and share food and a few laughs while waiting for the ball to drop at midnight. The first couple years after having kids we would still go out, but would leave well before midnight. As our kids got older we decided it was just easier to stay home rather than disrupt their normal routines and pay for it over the next few days. For the last several years we have chosen to stay in with the kids and make it fun for them and to be honest, fun for all of us as a family. I’m pretty confident that our little family New Year’s celebration is the highlight of my kids’ entire Christmas vacation.

If like me, you're looking for ideas to make staying in for New Year’s fun for the whole family, here are some of the tried and tested things we like to do on NYE:


NYE Snacks

Eat Good Food…lots of it

The tables at New Year’s parties are usually overflowing with sweet and savoury treats. That’s probably the part we miss the most about staying in. But, just because you’re staying in, it doesn’t mean you have to have the same old dinners and snacks you usually do. For dinner on New Year’s Eve we like to have some of our favourite apppetizers, like pigs in a blanket, mini quiches, French fries and spinach dip. Add some cheese and crackers and a plate of fruit/veggies and you have yourself an array of party food for the whole family to enjoy!



NYE Movie Night

Entertain with a Movie Night

If you’re staying in, why not make it a movie night, a games night, or both? We usually head to the local library a few days before New Year’s and have the kids pick out a movie they’d like to watch for New Year’s Eve. So far we’ve never let the kids stay up to see if they could make it to midnight, but we have compromised by letting them stay up a little later than usual to watch a movie. Once the kids are in bed, you could always enjoy your own movie with your significant other before ringing in the New Year.



NYE Kids Sleepover

Start a New Tradition

I’m pretty sure this tradition started out with our oldest child wanting a sleepover in our room. My husband thought we could make it even more fun with indoor camping, so he set up our small four man tent in the bedroom. Our kids loved it and it’s become our New Year’s tradition. The kids help dad set up the tent and then run through the house, squealing with delight gathering pillows, while we blow up air mattresses and find sleeping bags. Then we pop popcorn or open a bag of our favourite chips and movie snacks and snuggle up in the tent to watch a movie. I’m pretty sure that they fall asleep with a smile on their face and wake up with that same silly smile. This year perhaps we’ll add to our New Year’s tradition by serving the kids their breakfast in the tent. They’ll be sure to love that, especially if we serve their favourite “flat pancakes” (crepes).



So if you find yourself staying in to ring in 2019, make it fun for the whole family. Happy New Year!

December 30, 2018 by An eVitality Staffer

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