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Natural Crystal Deodorant

Picture a men's deodorant commercial: buff guys, monumental landscapes, engaging in manly, sweaty activities (chopping wood is a good one). Now picture a women's antiperspirant commercial: windblown hair, maybe some butterflies, and definitely an all white outfit with no yellow stains in sight. So where does natural crystal deodorant fit in to those scenarios? It doesn't, and here's why...

Lafe's Natural Crystal Rock Deodorant
Potassium Alum
: This is what these deodorants are made of - it's a sulfate mineral that occurs naturally because, well, it's a rock. Big blocks of it are cut from the earth, then carved into a more manageable apply-to-your-armpit size. Talk about natural ingredients, eh? This mineral is soluble in water, so when it's moistened, an invisible layer can be applied topically to the skin. BUT WHAT MAKES YOU NOT STINK? Well read on, smelly friends, read on...

Buh-bye bacteria
: Our sweat doesn't actually smell. Body odour (or, as our teenage selves loved to say: 'B.O.') is the result of the bacteria on our skininteracting with our sweat and that's what we smell as B.O. The Potassium Alum in crystal deodorants inhibits the growth of the bacteria. This means it's...drum roll anti-microbial! So these natural crystal deodorants don't mask the off-putting smell we emit naturally by sweating, nor do they stop us from sweating (a natural bodily function that regulates our body temperature), but rather they stop the production of the smell all together.

Smelling Good
Thin skin, powerful stench
: We are all capable of getting good and stinky. Our friends & coworkers might not appreciate this capability, however, which is why most of us use deodorant on a daily basis. But our underarm skin is one of the thinnest on our bodies, and not everyone is comfortable applying artificial fragrances via antiperspirant or conventional deodorants on such a delicate area of the body each and every day. Enter Natural Crystal Deodorant! Since it's a rock, one container can last up to a year. This cuts down on costs, and frees up some cash to purchase a natural fragrance, such as an essential oil, so you can smell like a bountiful bouquet of lavendar, or classically minty fresh, or lemony fresh...the list goes on!


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July 14, 2016 by An eVitality Staffer

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