'Healthy' Foods You Should Avoid

At eVitality we’re big believers in eating natural, good-for-you foods. Food is fuel, and it has the potential to be delicious AND nutritious. The following are examples of foods that seem like they'd be good additions to a healthy diet, and we’re not faulting you for thinking as such, but we are going to rain on your parade and tell you that they aren’t so great. In fact, you’d be best to avoid them (womp, womp). But, we’re not all doom & gloom: we'll also give you alternatives so you can enjoy the same flavours in a healthy way.


saladSalad Dressing: Healthy eating = salad, salad, salad! If we go to a restaurant and order a side salad instead of French fries, we give ourselves a mental pat-on-the-back and feel oh so healthy for choosing the better option. And that’s great, good for you! However, the dressing that gets doused on top of the good-for-you vegetables can make this healthy choice into a very unhealthy one. When making salads at home, avoid the store-bought dressings, as they can be very high in sugar and sodium, and are often filled with some very unnatural ingredients. Dress your salads with a bit of olive oil & a vinegar of your choice, or a squeeze of lemon. At the restaurant, ALWAYS make sure to ask for dressing on the side. Better yet, avoid the standard dressings altogether. Ask for a small container of olive oil & balsamic vinegar instead, which are two ingredients every kitchen will have.

: Juice is not a healthy drink to have every morning, contrary to what your mom might have taught you. Now you might say, “hey, now! I’m not drinking that fake sugar water that is advertised as juice! I’m drinking the real thing!” The spectrum of juices in your grocery store is certainly varied, but no matter whether they’re filled with artificial flavours & sweeteners (like Fruit Punch) or are squeezed from a real fruit grown in the groves of Florida, they all contain a LOT of sugar in one glass. It’s best not to max out your daily sugar intake before you even get to work, so instead try having a glass of water with an actual piece of fruit each morning. That way, you’ll be hydrated AND get a head start on your days’ intake fruits & veggies, without drinking a glass full of sugar.


Microwave Popcorn
: This airy, convenient snack has been touted as a healthy option when you get a craving for a salty fix. It’s mostly air! Corn kernels are vegetables! How can you go wrong?! But this pre-packaged snack is covered in fake ‘butter’ and the pack itself is lined with various chemicals to ensure that the packs pop up in a certain way without burning. These additions negate any claims of being a healthy-snack. An equally-easy alternative is to pop your own. Buy some regular ol’ corn kernels, and put a big pot on the stove (with a lid, or else you’ll have quite the mess) with a tiny bit of oil of your choice. This way, you can control just how much butter, if any, gets added.

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