Hair Trends for 2019

What better way to start 2019 than to revamp your look and try new hairstyles?  A simple up-do can completely change the way a dress looks on you compared to when you wore it with your hair down, right? Easy-to-do hair styling is a perfect way to recycle outfits, ideal for the New Year.


Pinned curls

Glam Pinned Curls

Pinning my curls is a go-to for any glam night out and it’s quickly become a favourite of my friends. Once you pin your curls you never go back, right? It’s a saying I made up but I’m sure it will catch on… This is a super easy hack to making your hair look thick and bouncy. To achieve this look, curl your hair with a wand (or straightener) and catch your curl before it falls to maintain its shape. If the curl has slightly come undone, wind the hair up so it’s in a loop close to your scalp. Now pin with a bobby pin! I always let my hair cool, then blast it with hot air from the hair dryer to ensure the shape seals. Spritz hairspray above your head and let the particles fall on to your hair, rather than spraying it direct. This is important as it will allow your curls to have more movement, something that is key for this glam style! Once the hair is cool, unpin all of your hair. Brush your curls out for a gorgeous wave or you can use your finger if you wish to keep the curls more defined. For a more blow-dried look, I suggest pinning your hair in velcro rollers, this will give you mega volume!



Glass Hair

Glass Hair

Doing a 360 from big, bouncy waves is the new hair trend that swept A/W 2018; Glass hair. This hair trend is really quite simple, with the key to this look being a 50/50 between products and style technique. The glass hair trend gets is name from the almost reflection-like look of the hair because it’s so shiny! Therefore, shine specific conditioner and finishing serum are key. Once your hair is damp and spritzed with some heat spray, blow-dry your hair as straight as possible in its parting. Run over the dry hair with a straightening iron, ensuring you are running it all the way to your ends. To add the gloss, pump the serum on to your palms and rub them together. Spread the serum through your mid-lengths to ends and use any excess to pat over the top layer. It’s important to point out that fly-aways are a no-no for this look, so spritz some hairspray onto your roots to showcase a clean and crisp parting. Side note: Glass hair looks best with blunt ends, therefore to achieve the optimum look, visit your stylist for a tidy up!



Snatched Ponytail

The Snatched Ponytail

And, of course, we must prepare ourselves for when an up-do is called upon. This can be an effective way to show off a neckline or an embellished piece of clothing, or in my case, to turn around a bad hair day. The up-do of the season – and arguably the year – is the snatched ponytail. Like the glass hair trend, the snatched look relies on a heavy gloss effect and a smooth finish. To begin with, treat the hair as mentioned above. However, be careful not to overdo the conditioner as you don’t want your hair to be unworkably soft. To style, pop some hairspray on your brush. Leaving the hair at the front of your head untouched, brush the rest into a tight, smooth ponytail that sits on your crown. Once secure, comb the front of your hair back to meet the ponytail, securing it all together with a second hair tie. To finish, wrap a piece of your hair around the hair tie and secure in place with a bobby pin. Finally, add a bit of serum all over…and boom! It’s just as if Ariana Grande styled your hair herself.


Have a wonderful start to 2019 – may it be glam!

December 28, 2018 by Keryn Matthew

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