Hair Hacks for Hotter Weather

If our hair ever needs a helping hand, it’s now. Summer can be guilty of causing us the most stress when it comes to our hair. The UV rays can alter our colour (brassy tones I’m talking to you), humid weather can generate unwanted frizz and the general heat of this time of year can make our roots seem greasy whilst the ends feel dry. I promise I love summer, it’s just such a challenge to tame your mane. All is not lost however; I’ve rounded up my favourite hair hacks that will keep you calm, cool and collected in the heat.


Hair Serum

 Keeping your skin protected in the sun isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about when enjoying the sun; UV rays can have just as much of an impact on your hair. To combat the stress our hair feels with intense UV rays, look for hair serums or spritzes that include SPF. Incorporating an SPF product into your holiday hair routine will reduce the risk of brassiness and damage. An important hack for when your hair is misbehaving and the only option is braids, is to put that all-important sun protection on your parting line. Your scalp is much paler than the rest of your skin for a reason – it’s not used to being exposed to the sun; thus, it is particularly susceptible to damage! A thoughtful application of sun cream to those areas of your scalp that are exposed can mean the difference between happy and headache!



Hair Shampoo

 Now if you’re not blessed with naturally smooth hair, have coloured or style your hair frequently with heat tools, then this one is for you! I have few enemies in life, but one you can bet is at the top of my list is humidity. My hair + moisture = disaster. I can blow-dry it smooth once out the shower, but you can guarantee those sleek locks turn into something that resembles a lion’s mane by the time I step outdoors. To combat this, it’s important to pick a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. The reason our dry hair goes frizzy in humidity is because it’s trying to hydrate itself by sucking all the moisture from the air – it’s like when you’re thirsty and need a drink. Makes sense, right? So, make sure to give yourself the best foundation possible by keeping your hair ultra-hydrated.



Heat Serum

 When your hair is still wet, pop on some heat protector or serum that specifically is ‘anti-frizz’ it will give you that extra weight that your hair needs. Finally, once your hair is styled and perfect (for now!) you’ll notice some naughty fly-a-ways. To make your hair appear sleeker, a trick I learned is that if you pop a tiny bit of hairspray on the end of your fingers and used them to smooth the fly-a-ways, it can make even the wildest of hairs stay in place! Et voila!



Hair Mask

 Now, this sounds completely contradictory as I’ve just explained how much damage can be done, but if you can use this to your benefit you can manipulate summer to work for you! If you’re having a chill day by the pool (my favourite kinda days), pop a hair mask on and wrap your hair up into a bun. Using deep condition hair masks can really improve the overall health of your hair. An added benefit is that the hot weather will allow the mask to penetrate the pores of your hair strands even further, resulting in a mega-deep conditioning treatment. True, it’s not the most glamourous beach look but you will reap the benefits in the evening.



Summer in my opinion is the best time of year, but with a head of hair like mines it sure doesn’t come without its FML moments. These hacks are a result of many frustrations and I have found they work. I hope they do for you too. Summer is when you leave your cares behind, so enjoy! 

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