Get Your Wings: Tips & Tricks to Becoming Your Own Angel

If there is one event in the year that every beauty fanatic has circled in red and dusted with glitter on their calendar, it’s the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. The global phenomenon grows in its extravagance and grandeur year upon year, and 2017 was no exception. Shanghai became home to the world’s most dazzling stage; Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio among those to grace the runway. Fashion’s most glamorous event attracted the eyes of over 25 million* North American viewers last year alone. The Angels, as they are now universally known, have a combined Instagram following of £164 million and counting… Let’s face it, we’re all a little obsessed.

Many of us watch the show for a variety of reasons, for the fashion, for the models, for the performers, for me however, it’s the beauty looks showcased on each Angel. The girls sport this I just rolled out of bed look, each championing effortless natural makeup and sexy wavy hair. I personally appreciate how the glam squad behind these unicorn-like creatures enhance their individual beauty. It’s so easy to get caught up in the beauty fads of the moment, contouring and over lining to name a few – disclaimer: I’m a fan of both, however these can often be used to the extent to conceal the features that make us who we are. The below makeup and hair tips are some of my favourites because they're easy and make for an effortless (and achievable) finish for anyone of any age. Now, we might not all look as though we’ve been carved from Aphrodite ourselves, but here are a few useful hints to make us feel and look like the goddess herself…


Bright Eyes

The Angel’s eye look is an easy one to create, and can be achieved using just three (YES THREE) products. Begin by giving the eye more depth by blending a light matt colour into the crease of the outer corner of your eye. Depending on the look you wish to create, I recommend either a mauve or a deep beige. The second product essential to this look is another eye shadow shade, this time it must have a shimmer. Place your glowing eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eye for a wide-eyed, youthful look. This shimmer (in either gold, silver or rose gold) will have the opposite effect to that of the first shade by enhancing the natural sparkle in your eyes. Finally, top this off with thickening mascara to add that little bit of glam to the look.

Optional: Add smudged pencil mascara to your top lash line to opt for a smokier natural eye.


Perfect Pout

At the end of the walk, the Angels will do one of two things: smile or blow a kiss. A perfect lip is essential for giving this photo op that supermodel stamp. To keep your lips looking plump, exfoliate them with the bristles of a dry toothbrush or lip-specific exfoliator. The go-to for these girls is a natural, pink lip. First, choose a lip pencil not far off the natural colour of your own lips. Once you have outlined, buff the pencil all over the lip to make them appear fuller. Finish by adding a clear (or sparkly!) gloss for an effortlessly polished pout. Alternatively, for an easy day-to-day look, feel free to swap a gloss for a balm, which will serve as a moisturiser, too!

Glam fact: Applying a lip pencil as a base for lip gloss will make it last longer!


Dewy Skin

Glowing skin is a vital ingredient to the overall Angel look. Lucky for us, it’s an easy fake. After your morning skincare routine, rather than grabbing the bottle with the most coverage, source a medium-light coverage liquid foundation – or tinted moisturiser if you are brave enough! This overall glow will make your skin look super hydrated and give it a natural glow. This is great for promoting the look of youthful skin, a tip my own mum loves and finds really works! Do not fret if you still feel exposed to the world because the consistency isn’t heavy enough; this is our bestie Madam Concealer’s job. What’s great about using a concealer to detract from breakouts or blemishes is that it can be directly and exclusively applied to the problem area, allowing the rest of your skin to look glowing and not cakey. Concealer is buildable and can easily be regulated and thus a favourite for those looking to achieve a flawless finish. In this instance I would stress the use of a creamy concealer as it will enhance the look of a dewy finish. Place this in the triangle area under your eyes, bridge and tip of your nose, under your eyebrows and a little on the centre of your forehead. Finish with a light highlighter to dust over the aforementioned areas.

Skin secret: When trying to achieve a dewy look avoid powders as much as possible, especially in the centre of your face, as this will give your complexion a matt finish.


Beachy Hair

It’s the-oh so desired ‘I woke up like this look’, obviously. ‘Cause you know, we all arise from our slumber looking like Sleeping Beauty… For those of us who don’t however, myself being one, there’s good news; this look is easy to achieve. After washing your hair, spritz with a heat protector spray, then dry and curl your hair with your go to styling tool - just make sure to pin each curl as an when they are complete and still hot. A good idea when trying out this look, although it doesn’t require much labour time, is to be mindful that you want to allow your curls to cool – FYI this may not be the most flattering of looks on you, as I often discover. Whilst your hair is pinned, spritz hairspray – not directly on the hair – above the head so the particles can fall softly on your hair. This will give your style greater movement. After leaving your hair pinned for 30 minutes or so take your curls down. Brush your curls out or if you have a tendency to frizz like me run your fingers through the curls, so your style will naturally drop and loosen up. Et Voila! Say hello to your new sexy bed head look.

Your hair, you choose: The longer you allow your hair to set, the bouncier your beach waves will be.


Can you envision your wings yet? *Cue the prancing around in underwear and heels*






December 12, 2017 by Keryn Matthew

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