Flirty & Fun Beauty Tips for Valentine's Day

Happy February, All! Now that January is behind us (finally) it’s time to get our groove on because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I like to think of this holiday as a celebration of lurrrv, be it with your significant other, gal-pals or with yourself and your favourite bottle of bubbly! Moreover, Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse for you to feel good about YOU. Whether it’s popping on your boldest red lip, wearing matching undies (yup, definitely an annual thing for me) or lathering yourself with your favourite perfumed lotion to feel your best – do it! Let this day of love start with yourself and trust me, the rest will seem all the more sweet. So without further ado, here is my list of musts for my feel-fabulous Valentine’s Day:


Feelin’ Good:

When my skin is behaving, I feel like I can take on anything – seriously – and this is why feeling good is number one on my list. I always start this routine in my shower or bath by shaving, exfoliating (gently, to avoid irritating skin) and finishing off my wash routine with a moisturizing shower cream. Once dry, generously apply lotion all over. Avoid, if possible, popping on your clothes too quick in order to let all the moisturizer soak in – about 3 minutes should do! Make sure to pay extra attention to those areas most prone to dry skin e.g. hands, elbows, knees and heels.

An area to be sure not to miss when prepping your feel-good skin is your lips because, what is sexier than smooth lips?! On the same note, what is less sexy than dry lips…? Especially if you’re thinking of ending Valentines with a kiss… Fear not! This is easily fixed and prevented. When exfoliating in the shower, take a tiny amount of the product and rub it on to your lips. Close your mouth and rub your top and bottom lip together. Not only will this erase any excess dead skin, it will also make your pout that little bit more plump! A win/win I hear you say? Hell yeah.


Lookin’ Good:

Whether you’re looking to impress a date, your galentines or just take a great selfie, make sure you have a look that makes you feel confident. As mentioned before, the key to feeling fabulous on Valentine’s Day starts with you. If you feel comfortable, you feel confident. And if you feel confident, you will always look sexy! To add a little more zhoosh to your everyday look there’s a couple of easy things you can do to enhance your features. For example, when applying mascara opt for 2 coats instead of one. Once you have brushed the product over your lashes 4-5 times, dip the brush back in the tube to pick up more formula. This will result in a more dramatic and bold look. If you would like your eyes to look even more dramatic, wiggle the brush from the root of the lash to the tip. This buffing motion give your lashes a feathered affect.

As for your locks, flirty loose curls are a must for me on Valentine’s Day! Choose your desired hair tool (or whatever heat tool you happen to have at home) and style your hair like so. My tip would be to use a higher temperature setting than normal, or hold the curl for longer to make your style that bit bouncier. To give your mane that extra bit of … Va Va Voom... Hang your head upside down –once your curls have cooled - and flick your hair when standing up upright. Your hair will appear looser and texturized, giving you an overall sexier and more natural look (as if we didn’t have to try *winks*). Finish off the look with a teeny bit of backcombing at the roots and some hair spray.


Smellin’ Good:

If your anything like me, a candle lover, fresh air addict *opens all windows even though it’s -1 outside* and over-user of hygiene products, then you’ll agree the importance of scent when it comes to feeling your best! And on Valentine’s Day, you can go that extra mile and indulge in whatever fragrance floats your boat. Before you shower, pop on a scented hair mask for an hour or so and let it really soak in. To get the maximum amount of scent from your mask, apply it to dry hair pre-showering. Post-shower, try and let your hair dry naturally for as long as you can before blasting it with the hair-dryer as this will allow any scent to seep into your hair’s pores.

At the end of your Valentine’s prep, whether you’re going to dinner or ordering a pizza for one (my preferred option), top everything off with your favourite perfume. Spray behind your neck, behind each knee (trust me), a scoosh on each wrist – no rubbing – and a general spritz of perfume just above your head so the particles can land on your hair. Perhaps on a final note for this section, give your teeth an extra brush or your mouth a swirl of wash for, yano, good luck.


And that’s it, my 3 key stages to feeling flawless and unstoppable this Valentine’s Day – whatever you’re doing! Have a good one!

January 31, 2018 by Keryn Matthew


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Brilliant tips

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Totally amazing, love these tips! Totally work for men too.


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