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Nailing the festival look is all about creativity. In other words, anything goes – and I mean anything. Thanks to Coachella, we already have an array of inspiration for the 2018 trends. Going to a festival pretty much guarantees being outdoors and moving around all day, relaxing the idea of a ‘perfect look’ and requiring next to no top-ups or maintenance. The fun vibe of this type of beauty look means that anyone can have a go, no MUA or Hair Professional status needed here!




After your usual morning routine, apply a base such as Burt’s Bees BB Cream. At a festival, the face is really where you can mix it up. Standard bronzer, blusher and highlighter are just not gonna cut it. Paint is always a great option when going to a festival as it can really make the look that bit more stunning. The trend right now is using paint to create small little lines on the bridge of your nose and under your eyes.

Of course, with festival beauty comes glitter. Apply a natural adhesive like the beeswax based Kalaya Naturals Wonder Salve, then add glitter to the appropriate areas. Glitter really can be applied ANYWHERE. My go-to is on my cheekbones, moving to the outer corners of my eyes. Other great places for glitter are the inner corners of your eyes and on your lips. However, make sure you pack an appropriate make-up remover and be prepared to keep finding glitter on yourself for the next week… Check out some of the cleansers and toners on eVitality.

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This is where you can really go crazy on the colour! Usually the go to eye makeup for weekends consist of dark tones, e.g. browns and blacks. Well here’s you chance to say what the heck and opt for a yellow, pink, orange smoke or whatever matches your outfit, really! Going for a bold outer colour will really open your eyes and give you a festival feel pretty much straight away. Your eyes will pop in a way you’ve never even dared to imagine…
An unconventional liner is also a good shout when mixing it up. You’d be surprised to know that eye-liner doesn’t just come in black. Shocking, I know. A bold pink or white can look great for a statement cat eye flick. You can mix it up in your waterline, too. I would recommend going for a colour that makes sure your own eye shade pop. 
Let’s not forget the lashes: Big, long and fluffy. The perfect way to finish your look and give it that extra zhoosh!

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For lips, I recommend an ombre. After applying a moisturizing lip balm, line your lips with a dark shade, for example Scarlet Soaked by Burt’s Bees, and then fill in the middle with that colour. In order to achieve the ombre affect, dab a lighter lipstick (preferably creamier in texture) to the centre of your lips. Gently dab the edges of this colour to spread through more of the lip.

 Lastly, finish off with a clear gloss once dry! If you want to be extra daring, add some of that glitter to your pout (you can never have too much).


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To finish you look, pick a hairdo to compliment your makeup. When I think festival, I think braids. Braiding is such an easy skill to master. It isn’t time consuming, but looks as though you’ve put a lot of work in. To give your braids more of a festival edge, tease them at the outer part to make them appear bigger and effortless. You can jazz your braids up with hair jewelry – hair rings, for example, are so in right now!

 If you’re not too into braids, waves is a default look that everyone can do! To make them look more styled than usual, gently tease the waves to give them volume and make them stay in for longer (when you are dancing like there’s no tomorrow). And predictably, I’m going to advise adding glitter to your hair. For maximum impact, add a big strip to your parting!

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For an easy cleansing routine, (and the ability to travel light) try Sukin’s Micellar Water as a make-up remover. A simple moisturizer and BB Cream are all you need to keep your face care simple at a festival (+ all the extras I mentioned above).

Festivals are the best time to try a new sweet-smelling, summery body lotion – I love earthsafe Natural Fragrance. It’s made with natural ingredients, like Inca Inchi and Green Tea, smells delicious and is biodegradable! Finally, as you’re going to be out in the sun for a few days, don’t forget to pack a face and body sunscreen (and aftersun lotion – just in case!).  

Happy Festival-ing!

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