Seasonal: Fall-Proof Beauty Guide

Going from the warm summer to the chilly autumn is probably one of the toughest annual transitions for your skin. The sudden drop in temperature can have quite a harsh effect on your body. I have noticed within the past week alone my skin has become drier, blotchy and sore in some areas where I have spots under the skin – I’m sure we can all agree, the worst kind. I didn’t quite understand why my skin had done such a 180 until someone suggested the change in weather; and of course, it totally makes sense. My summer beauty routine is now dated, and ready to be revitalized for the months ahead – winter is coming.


Fall Skin Tips


An unfortunate downside to this weather is dry skin. In contrast to the summer months where we try to reduce our oiliness, it’s time to increase our daily moisturizer from light to heavy because we need the extra help. As well as doubled strength, our efforts should be doubled too. This means moisturizing just before bed with a hydrating night cream; your skin is in optimal repair mode when you are asleep! Look for night creams containing naturally moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, maple compound or inca inchi. As well as a moisturizer, try adding in a face oil or concentrate to boost hydration and skin repair. 



Fall Flu SeasonOne of my biggest fears for the season is the flu! Nothing quite ruins a look like a red, stuffy nose. Something I’m guilty of is reaching for the nearest tissue to blow my nose on. If you repeatedly use rougher kitchen towels, your nose will be shredded to bits. Trust me, I know this! To reduce the redness make sure to carry – in some cases a lot of – soft tissues for those moments. If you feel like you’re starting to come down with something, my top tip is to reach for a natural vaporizing rub like Kalaya’s Breathe Easy. It relieves congestion, helps with a sore throat and smells great! In addition, pack a light moisturizer or salve plus a creamy, light concealer to top up the makeup that may have rubbed off round your nose. For subtlety, make sure to get a colour match on this!



Fall Hair Beauty Tips


It’s no surprise that if your skin is compromised, so is your hair. These months, as well as being colder, tend to be windier. Not so great for sleek hair styles. The temperature tends to make the hair feel and appear more brittle. Moreover, the blustery wind can make your hair sooo messy and a nightmare to detangle! Make sure you wash your hair with moisturizing hair care than protects against the elements. After washing, spray leave in moisturizer to your hair – this will make it easier to brush and keep it coated in moisture until your next wash, thus protecting it further against the elements. In order to maintain a smooth finish, up your hair drying game. Instead or your normal brush, opt for a rounded ceramic brush. This will smooth out your hair and give it a lovely shine, and because it was dried this way, is more likely to hold its form.



Fall skin care beauty tips


Even with intensive moisturizer, it can seem as though our skin is still trying to hydrate. Useful ways to ensure your skin holds on to this moisture is to swap your regular in-shower wash for one with moisturizing properties. This will be gentler on weather-beaten skin and when showering with warmer water – a temptation too difficult to resist for most. With the use of warmer, or even hot, water we run the risk of stripping essential minerals from our skin which can result in – you guessed it – dry skin. If using hotter water, try reduce your showering time to avoid this side effect. Make sure you exfoliate regularly with an in-shower scrub – this will help remove dead skin cells and maintain your summer glow!



Fall Lips & Hands Beauty Tips


In order to cover all bases, lip balm and hand cream should be a purse essential this season. Dry hands and cracked lips are always an easy tell tale of tired skin. These aren’t the easiest to hide, either. Ever popped some matte lippy over dry lips?! The best way to combat and avoid these nuisances entirely is to top up daily, and regularly. Kalaya’s Wonder Salve literally works wonders as a fall/winter lip balm. They design their products for the Canadian climate so you can be sure you’re lips are protected (their Hydrating Hand Cream is also an essential).



To sum up, moisturize (then moisturize again), and be prepared! Keep essentials close, and be good to your skin and hair – if you do, they’ll be good to you! Now…where’s my knitwear at?

October 29, 2018 by Keryn Matthew

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