Boost Your Immunity this Flu Season

No one likes to be sick. (Well actually, that's not true. It can be good to be sick, but only in the context of: 'oh dude, that thing you did was totally sick! Right on! Radical!'). What we mean is the kind of sick where we feel generally miserable, have a blocked nose, sore throat, nauseousness, and all of the other dreadful symptoms that come with having a cold and/or flu. That kind of sick is no fun, no fun at all. When you notice that a coworker has the sniffles, you try to find a polite way to GET OUTTA THERE. Follow these 3 quick tips to bolster your defences against catching any sickness that might be floating around this time of year.

sleeping dog

Go to bed early:
 Mom wasn't wrong when she said, "you'll feel better after a good night's sleep". There is a strong link between adequate sleep and a healthy immune system. So when you notice that your office is extra sniffly, don't decide to watch juuuuust one more funny cat video at 1 am. Put all of your devices away, and get to bed earlier than normal so you can be sure you're getting restorative sleep. Try some natural sleep aids to help get that all-important shut eye.

mind over matter

Mind over matter: 
Yep, it's true. A positive attitude helps with your physical health. When you maintain a positive outlook about your daily life and your future, your immunity is stronger than if you're pessimistic. So don't panic when your peers are catching that dreaded cold. Stay optimistic & positive! You will be just fine, a-ok, and you will stay as healthy as can be!

blueberries contain antioxidants

You are what you eat:
 There are certain foods that can help to boost your immunity. It's probably not too tricky to guess that they are...drumroll...fruits and veggies! They contain so many helpful nutrients that work to fight off colds (unlike other foods you might choose for a mid-afternoon snack, like a bag of chips or a Tim's muffin). Specifically, kiwis are great for immunity strengthening because of their high Vitamin C and E levels. Blueberries are your friend during flu season too, because of their antioxidant power. Grab an inexpensive bag of frozen blueberries and top your yogurt or oatmeal with them!


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