Beauty Trends to Avoid

With new trends popping up on our social feeds daily, it can often be difficult to sift through the ones that work – and to avoid the ones that don’t. We’ve all fallen victim, I’m sure, to trying out a new makeup technique that’s made us look like a clown rather than a queen, and we’ve definitely all had a shot at a skincare tip that’s not quite given us the flawless complexion promised. Below, I’m reviewing what personally has not worked for me (we all have different skin and looks!) and advocating for them to be avoided. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be that blunt – I’m going to offer alternatives, or as I like to call them, upgraded tips!




Brows: Work from the Outside-In

Up first is eyebrows, which always seem to be a daily struggle for me! One always seems to go perfectly and take under one minute, whereas the other seems to take 5 times longer and often is a game of replicating the exact same shape as the good eyebrow, which btw, never happens. Anyone else? Yes, eyebrows are sisters not twins bla, bla, bla, but these sisters are more like the good witch of the east and the wicked witch of the west. One eyebrow rule is to not block-pencil-in the start of your eyebrows. This can make your face look harsh, and your eyebrows heavy. Tip: begin by using eyebrow product on the tail (which should be the darkest part) and gradient the colour inwards. Either leave the inner side of the brow altogether or use the teeniest bit of product at the bottom.




Face: Avoid Over-Cleansing

Now this may have a mixed reaction considering the recent buzz on double cleansing, but avoid over cleansing. Whilst some people swear by it, it hasn’t always worked for me in the past. The theory behind it’s great and if it works for you, amazing. It works as follows; the first cleanse removes all makeup and residue from your skin, whilst the second cleanse works into your clean skin and thus granting more benefits. I tried this for a month or too and found that it gave me more spots than before. The flip side, which I experienced, is that double cleansing can sometimes make your skin so squeaky clean that you can strip yourself of your natural oils – which are just as important for healthy looking skin! Recently, I’ve been practicing the ’60 second rule’ which is a game changer in my opinion! Tip: wash your face for 60 seconds for really clean and plump skin. Working your skin for the 60 seconds can massage the muscles and clean your pores without overwhelming it with product!




Hair: Ditch the Daily Heat

One of the most damaging things you can do to your hair is to use heat on it every day. This is especially important when, if like me, you have bleached or dyed hair. Heat dries the hair strands, so even with heat protector you’re only limiting the damage. Admittedly, I couldn’t completely cut out heat from my weekly hair routing as my hair needs a hairdryer and straighteners to smooth it! Tip: reduce the amount of heat you use on your - it will really make a difference to the strength of your tresses, I guarantee it. To do this, there are many second-day-hairstyles you can try if you rely on heat daily. Try the ponytail, messy bun, braids, half-up half down – there are so many options. Using heat tools sparingly is easy so there no need to overdo it!



Following my own preferred method (and the tips above) has helped me to look and feel better. While these may be slightly different for everyone, it's worth remembering that some tips out there are simply fads. Importantly, knowing what doesn’t work comes from much trial and error - the beauty world isn’t always so beautiful! So, try the tips above and if you have any of your own, be sure to let me know! #BeGoodToYourself

February 28, 2019 by Keryn Matthew

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