Vacation Beauty Hacks

It's official, vacay season has dawned on us! Keep your beauty standards high with minimal effort using these effective hacks. *Cue Kim K style pics on the beach…*


Holiday Prep

Sun Kissed Skin

Your skin is definitely the most important part of your body to give extra TLC to before, during and after a holiday. Your skin is the most susceptible organ to sun damage and needs to be cared for accordingly. In order to get the most even tan, your skin should be as smooth as possible as dry patches will often colour unevenly to the rest of your body. Before you begin tanning, exfoliate all over with a particular focus on knees and elbows. This will ensure that the newest and healthiest skin cells are on show. Unfortunately, this does mean that your skin will be more vulnerable to burning - so make sure to use the appropriate SPF for your skin type! Any change to your skin caused by UV rays can be damaging, so take extra care when enjoying the sun.

Another great tip on when to use exfoliator pre-holiday is after you have been waxed (not straight after, though!). When you next wash after a wax, usually when the skin has desensitized, gently rub body scrub onto the waxed area. This is a proven way to avoid those irritating - and let’s face it, ugly – ingrown hairs. The exfoliator will help to clean out clogged pores, a hotbed for new hairs to get caught up in.

Beautiful Body

Although I am super grateful for the tan the sun gives me, I’m not a huge fan of how dry it leaves my skin. To avoid this, I use moisturizing sun protection, which I apply regularly and always after coming out of the water. At night, it’s highly recommended to apply cooling moisturizers. Yes, it takes a little while to soak in AND you need to hold off putting clothes on (when in what feels like sub zero air con - not ideal), but it is so worth it! It allows your skin to recover from sun exposure and prepares you for the day ahead! All moisture-based products will give you a greater chance of avoiding peeling skin, too.


Flirty Feet

Before jetting off, spend the week on the run up to your holiday giving you feet some extra attention too. Nothing goes better with neon toenails that smooth feet, fact. Use a pumice stone in the shower to get rid of old, cracked skin. Use extra intense moisturiser or purpose manufactured foot cream on your feet as you are getting ready for bed. To keep the cream from transferring onto your sheets, cover them with cotton socks. The cotton socks will also act as an aid to your feet in soaking in the cream.



When on Vacay





Glow & Go

And who says your beauty game needs to drop when you’re on holiday? I always find ‘looking presentable’ a bit of a chore when I’m abroad because, 2. make up tends to melt off my face and shine so much that I look like a disco ball and 2. my hair DOES NOT take to the heat. Monica from friends, anyone? To keep things as natural and easy as possible, use your lip balm as a body highlighter rubbing some on your lips, collar bones, shoulders and cheeks. For an added WOW, pop some on your eyelids. When the light catches your highlighted points, you skin will look super youthful and glowy! Balm/oil is also great to use on your lashes. After curling your lashes, put some balm on the tip of your fingers and stroke your lashes upwards. This will make your lashes appear darker and fuller.


Beach Babe Hair

A hair hack that I live by on holiday is braiding. I love this one so much as it really is a win-win. Pop your hair in a fancy braid at night when wet from the shower, meaning no heat tools necessary (I told you it was good…). Spritz some leave in condition once your braids are complete to lock in extra moisture. Enjoy the evening with hair out your face and keep them in for bed. Once you wake up in the morning, take your dry hair out of the braids to reveal natural beachy waves that aren’t frizzy! Paired with a bikini or swimsuit, your mermaid locks will make you look and feel like a beach babe.


When abroad, I try to think of the heat as an aid to my hair rather than a hinderance. 25 plus degrees is an ideal temperature for a hair mask to really penetrate your strands. If, like me, you opt for a bun beside the pool, pop a hair mask on after breakfast and tie it up. When it comes to washing the mask out at night, your hair will feel much more soft and manageable. You are also reversing the harsh effect the sun has had on your locks. And to think all you had to do was lounge in the sun!


Phew, productive holiday. Fancy another?

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