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As a lover of all things hair related, I got really excited when a hype around keratin emerged. Hailed as a savior to locks of any kind, I was intrigued to find out more and try it for myself. I can honestly say in the past decade I have never looked back. Let me break down the hero of hair for you!




Keratin is not all that dissimilar to collagen, a protein you might be a little more familiar with. Like collagen, keratin is a fundamental protein that makes up your body. Specifically, keratin protein is responsible for our hair, nails and outer layer of skin. Note that these are all beauty related parts of our body, hence the fascination of this protein within the beauty world.





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You only need to type keratin into your search engine to highlight its association with all things hair. It’s safe to say this little protein has captured the curiosity of many. As discussed in my previous blog, it makes sense to give your body the protein it is structured from. As we age, like many of our body’s properties, the abundance of keratin depletes.

Just like sun damage to skin, hair can experience its own version of premature ageing or fragility with the use of heat tools and colouring products. Therefore, there is a need for hair to be replenished with keratin in order to optimize its health.


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The famous keratin blow-dry took the beauty world by storm when it first emerged. Following the success of the Brazilian blow-dry, the keratin blow dry offered a softer alternative. Instead of placing as much emphasis on straightening the hair, the keratin blow-dry succeeded in making hair appear smoother, healthier and shinier.

I had my first keratin blow-dry last year in anticipation of a hot summer in Texas. The treatment took around 1-2 hours and involved the application of keratin solution to my hair, sealed with hot irons. Each section was tiny, the main reason as to why the treatment took so long. This ensured that each strand was coated in the protein. As soon as the treatment was complete my hair felt like silk, however it looked like it was stuck to my head and made my face look extra round (cry). I was under strict instruction that my hair was not to be touched by water or steam within the next 72 hours – cue the ever-attractive shower cap! The aftercare required specific shampoo and conditioner (both paraben-free) which contained keratin, allowing the treatment to be maintained for longer. After my first wash, my usually frizzy bleach hair when air-dried was smooth and healthy looking.


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The biggest battle I have with my hair – due to bleaching it so much – is that it feels dry and tired when tools haven’t been applied. Plot twist: your hair will feel drier and more tired the more you use heat tools. The keratin blow dry allowed my hair to take a much-needed break from heat-styling, a risk I’m not sure I would’ve taken to the Monica Geller “It’s the humidity!” holiday style hair. This treatment, although it involved a higher level of the protein than the average keratin product, showed me just how much keratin can improve your hair’s health. Yes, keratin products are a little more expensive, however, they actually require you to use less product; a little drop of keratin conditioner goes a lot farther than any other from my experience. You can find a range of keratin infused products on the internet from shampoos and conditioners, hair oil and masks to heat sprays. The beauty world has it covered.

So, if you’re looking to up your hair game – keratin is your gal!

September 26, 2018 by Keryn Matthew

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