Beauty Buzzwords: Collagen

Collagen is hailed globally as the sacred elixir of youth. No, unfortunately, it doesn’t actually reverse the clock, however, it has been proven to reduce signs of aging and in some instances, reverse it. Yes, really. Now I’ve got you intrigued huh!


What is Collagen?

So, what is it exactly? To be perfectly blunt, collagen is just a protein in your body. Although, I bet you didn’t know it was the most plentiful protein in the human body – making up almost one third of our protein mass. Collagen is usually found in cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone and skin. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the protein is its contribution to ensuring our skins strength and elasticity. Elasticity on a first thought may not seem like such a big deal but it’s this elasticity that gives skin its plumpness. On the same note, it’s the breakdown of collagen (skin elasticity) that reveals aged skin.


What are the health benefits?

Unsurprisingly, the benefits of this protein stretch (ha, literally) far beyond beauty. From easing joint and muscle pain, to aiding the prevention of Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease, it really is a protein we ought to consider consuming more of. In fact, an increase in the consumption of collagen can keep you fuller for quicker and longer – great news if, like myself, you’re looking to break a bad snacking habit. Foods containing a high collagen content are Vitamin A rich foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes (in simpler terms, the orange stuff!). Oily fish and grass-fed meat are also up there with collagen enhancing foods. No doubt at least one of the above are part of your diet anyway, nonetheless it’s an incentive to begin eating more of these nutrient-abundant foods.


What are the anti-aging benefits?

Now for the good stuff; how does it make us look better. We continuously here from beauty brands that the inclusion of collagen in a beauty product is a game changer – but how so? Yes, it makes sense when it has been scientifically proven that collagen is a major component of so many parts of our bodies, but how so when it comes to the way we look? Thankfully, an enlightening study was carried out on this very topic. An experiment was conducted measuring the effects of orally consumed collagen supplements. After an 8-week dosage, some woman displayed up to 30% in an increase of their skin elasticity. Upon taking a closer look, some women even showed a reduce in their wrinkles! And just to reinforce the power of collagen as a vital protein, the affects were best measured in the participants greater than 50 years old.


Where to find collagen health & beauty products

It’s not difficult to find collagen based beauty products on the market these days, given its soar in popularity, however some of my favourites are iampure Maple Glow 24hr Eye Cream and the Kalaya Renew Vitamin C, E and Ferulic Acid Concentrate, found on eVitality! Daily moisturizers are an ideal way to ensure you’re getting continuous extra dosage of collagen on your skin. For more instantaneous results, you can apply a collagen face mask, or perhaps an undereye mask or cream to rectify those tired weekend eyes.


Wellness products, looking after yourself and eating the right foods can really make an impact on your natural beauty. To boost your collagen intake, you could also try taking supplements. Who knew a little protein called collagen could have us rethinking our dependency on our highlighter kits?!






References Placebo controlled experiment. The volunteers were aged between 35-55.

August 01, 2018 by Keryn Matthew

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