Back-to-School Beauty Essentials

It’s that time of year again! Goodbye summer and hello new semester, (or for some, welcome back to the grind).


Handbag essentials

Back-to-school essentials can be thought of as your must-have everyday beauty kit, something small enough to fit in your bag and take with you wherever you go. These items must be small and have a darn good reason for making the cut. Yes, I will not include any products ‘just for the sake of it’ (although it’s easy to do), meaning the space you do have in your bag will be fully maximized. Here are my three back-to-school essentials.




Face Mist

For my first must-have, I’m going to start with an unobvious one: face mist. Right now, you’re probably thinking, why is face mist an essential for me? Face mists are great for continual moisturization of your face. If you feel like your face could use a pick-me-up, it’s not exactly practical to wash off your make up and reapply moisturizer mid work day. The benefit of a face mist is that you can spritz on top of makeup and still reap the benefits! Not only does this give you an afternoon boost that will leave you glowing, it actually does wonders for making you refreshed. Especially in the first back to school term, I welcome any quick fix that will get me ready to take on the afternoon! My recommendation, iampure Monika Scharre Skin Clarifying Mist - I mean, she's a Supermodel for a reason!



Hand Cream

This next item will most likely be in your bag already, so you can read easy knowing that it’s here to stay. Hand cream! I have so much love for hand cream, it literally puts me in a better mood. I especially love it as a follow up after hand sanitizer. Sanitizer is great, but the alcohol can really dry out your hands. Whilst most hand creams do the job, I would politely urge you to pick an anti-aging hand cream, like the Hydrating Hand Cream from Kalaya. During the ageing process, it’s always the skin on our hands that seems to age the quickest, right? Well it does make sense if you think about it because unless you wear gloves all year round, your hands are receiving the same exposure to daylight as your face! Just a thought.

Lip Balm

My third and final essential is lip balm, another pretty obvious one, (but it’s just as important). It's probably the case that you’re reading this blog and thinking but who doesn’t carry around lip balm – I’ve forgotten it on occasions and omg does it annoy you –  the answer is, most of us do take a lip balm wherever we go. This is especially important from the changing over of seasons (summer to fall) when the weather gets crisper and it affects our lips.  A really moisturizing lip balm genuinely improves the health of your lips. My top recommendations from eVitality would be the Kalaya Wonder Salve (this literally does everything - it's packed with natural ingredients that help to moisturize your lips as well as fight against cold sores), the Burt's Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm (who doesn't love Vanilla), and the All Good Organic Coconut Lip Balm (natural, gluten free and organic - need I say more)?



These essentials are simple, yet effective. Whilst hand creams and lip balms are a given, I encourage you to give face mist a go as part of your lunch time pick-me-up. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised. These three staples are a must-have for me and I promise, once you pack them once you won’t part with them.

August 26, 2019 by Keryn Matthew

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