Are your shower sessions contributing to acne?

The shower is the place we get squeaky clean, and if we've got acne (a lot or a little, on our face, neck, back, or even our derrières) standing under the stream of water is a prime place to battle blemishes. But the way you shower could actually be doing the exact opposite: it could be contributing to your unsightly spots. 

dripping tap

Hard water
: Depending on where you live, your municipality might have hard water. This means your tap water contains a high mineral content & heavy metals. The presence of these can make it difficult to properly rinse away the products you've used on your acne affected areas. Try using filtered water (you can even get filters that attach to your tap, so you don't have to bother with the extra step of filling up a jug). If you're like me, and you cannot stand the taste of hard tap water, then you might already have a filter that you use religiously (amen!) but perhaps you don't apply your filtered water to your skincare routine. 

splash of water

Scrub-a-dub, but not too much
: Over-exfoliating is often a big factor in getting acne. Many of us are of the mind that the more you scrub away dead skin cells & irritants on your skin, the better. This is certainly logical, but doing it too much can strip away natural oils necessary for healthy skin and the friction can aggravate your skin, which in turn can cause breakouts. Try lessening the frequency of your exfoliating and see if it helps.

girl bathing

Lather, rinse, repeat
: What order do you adhere to in the shower? Do you soap up before shampooing & conditioning? If so, try starting with your hair and then cleaning your body. By doing so you can wash away any residual shampoo and/or conditioner from your face & body. An even better idea is to use natural shampoo & conditioner in the aforementioned order, since safe ingredients are less likely to clog pores than the harsh chemicals found in many drugstore haircare brands.



Once you're all done showering, try this to combat acne.

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