The Importance of Staying Positive

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Coming from a  rough upbringing, what I've picked up is that keeping a positive mental attitude is very important in life. Life is full of ups and downs, struggles, and unexpected events. We all have these moments, it’s a part of being human! Sometimes we feel that we are trapped in a situation we think we can’t handle. We, as humans, are a lot stronger than we think. Looking back at life I've been in situations where I wanted to escape life because I didn't think I could handle it, or I felt that I’d had enough. Now I wish I could go back to that time and tell myself that “ it’s going to be okay ” and that time will pass and make me stronger both emotionally and mentally. 

Home was always a negative place to be. I tried my best to surround myself with positive people and positive things, like a sport I enjoyed, for example. As a young girl I looked up to my mother and wondered how she could wake up every morning and act as if everything was okay? Now I look back and think she was right. We need to do something about the problem or leave it in the past and move on with our lives. We will always have those jerks at work or in school or in your family trying to put you down, but we must ignore those people! Some people want to see us fail because they have their own insecurities…but staying positive is the key . I like to keep those negative people in my mind sometimes, especially the ones close to me, like a relative, and every time I feel myself getting discouraged I remember what they said and I push myself harder. I think one of the best satisfactions in life is proving a negative person wrong by achieving your goals.

Whenever times get hard I always remember that someone in the world, at that very moment, is going through something that is way more difficult than any problems I may be having. I also like to believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we go through “hard times”, to make us stronger for bigger problems that we may have to endure. It’s all about how you choose to look at it.

For example, recently I was trying really hard to get a fight with a girl named Paige VanZant. This would have been a great fight for me and my professional career in the UFC. It was also a fight that my fans really wanted to see. After several months without a fight booked I figured I would try my best and put it out there, and thought the UFC couldn't ignore me if I made it clear. Well, the UFC had something else planned and now I'm left waiting…again. At first I was really upset and discouraged, but then I realized that I can either get pissed off and say what’s on my mind and be upset all the time, or, I can take this time to build my game to be stronger for when the time comes. I've decided to take this as a positive time for me to finally make the change I've wanted to for a while. That change is to move to Montreal for a few months to train at the famous  Tristar Gym and take my game to the next level, and be ready for whenever I get that next fight announcement. 


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