Why is Peppermint in Foot Lotion?

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Many of us have daily routines we like to follow. For instance, every night before my head hits the pillow, I wash and moisturize my face and brush my teeth. After changing into pajamas, I put lotion on my feet. The other night when I was doing this, the scent of peppermint filled the room and I started to wonder why all foot lotions seem to use peppermint. Was it one of those things where one company did it first and other companies followed suit or was there a specific reason? Usually when I think of peppermint, the first thing that comes to mind is not my feet! So I decided to dig a little deeper and find out why peppermint and foot lotion seem to go hand-in-hand....or should I say foot-in-foot!?


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First of all, peppermint is an essential oil. This means it's “a concentrated liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants”. Apparently, peppermint oil is known for its' cooling, calming and energizing abilities. Mint is actually a natural refrigerant. Menthol, which is found in the mint plant, produces a “chilled” sensation by activating the cold sensors in the skin.1 This cooling sensation can actually have a calming effect on the body and relieve tension in sore muscles.2 I have lost count of the number of days where I have been on my feet all day and by the evening, my feet are literally aching. So this benefit sounds great for tired, achy feet! The scent of peppermint also activates the part of our brain responsible for our wake/sleep cycles. So it can either soothe you to sleep if used at night, or kick-start your morning if used when you wake up! It can also improve alertness and memory1. I like to use foot lotion at night because I feel like it gives the lotion a chance to work its' “magic” while I sleep and am off my feet. I had never considered using it as a kick-start to my day so I'll have to keep that in mind!


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In another source, I found that peppermint oil relieves foot pain, rheumatism and muscle pains. It also improves circulation which helps with skin itching and is a vaso-constrictor which means that it reduces redness in the skin and dilates the capillaries. Peppermint hydrates dry skin and does not leave the skin feeling greasy as it is easily absorbed. It also penetrates deeply into the skin which means it will have a longer-lasting effect.3


Apply Foot CreamAfter learning the benefits of peppermint oil, it makes perfect sense that it is commonly used in foot lotions. I am a busy mom of three young children so most days I am on my feet all day long. Sometimes the only time I sit down is to eat a meal. By the end of the day, it feels so nice to put my feet up and actually pamper them a bit. Kalaya Naturals Peppermint Fusion Foot Cream is a foot lotion that has been specially formulated to exfoliate and soften dry, cracked and callused skin on the feet and even the elbows or knees leaving the skin soft and hydrated. I can honestly say it has done exactly that for my rough, dry feet. As many moms would agree, our feet are in need of some pampering. And after just a few uses of the Peppermint Fusion Cream, my feet already felt and looked much more hydrated. The dry, almost cracked heels that I had started getting used to were gone. Kalaya Naturals Peppermint Fusion Foot Cream leaves my feet feeling smooth and fresh, and hopefully ready for the next busy day ahead.

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