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The Versatility of Coconut Oil: 3 Alternative Uses

Coconut oil, has a multitude of applications and is incredibly valuable beyond its nutritional benefits. Here are some cool other ways you can use it to supplement your health and beauty needs.


coconut oil as a facial cleanserFacial Cleanser & Makeup Remover: To all the women out there (holla!) looking for a quick and natural way to remove make-up with ease, try applying some coconut oil on your face then wiping it down after a minute or two with a wet cloth. For real! It works on waterproof mascara too!
For you ladies who may not wear make-up often or at all, try mixing coconut oil with brown sugar in order to scrub off dead skin cells and clean up blackheads before bed. 


coconut oil alternative uses
Deodorant: Just when you thought you knew everything about coconut oil, you heard this. Coconut oil contains something known as lauric acid, which destroys the bodily bacteria that causes us to smell not-so-sweet. So next time you’re about to go out, apply some coconut oil.


coconut oil for better hair
Hair Solution:
Not surprisingly at this point, but coconut oil actually has antifungal properties which combats the wrath of dandruff. Buh-bye annoying little flakes! Moreover, it can also work to moisturize your hair and prevent protein loss, which allows for maximum nourishment. Hello smooth, healthy-looking hair!


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June 06, 2016 by An eVitality Staffer

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