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Shop Canada's premiere destination for the latest trends in health, wellness and beauty! eVitality is your trusted source for unique, high quality products that advocate for your well-being and a healthy, happy lifestyle. Our medical team rigorously evaluates each and every product we offer, and our customer service team is dedicated to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with every purchase!

"I have been shopping with eVitality for years, and have always had a wonderful experience. Their customer service staff always takes care of you and the products are the best!" - Karen, Toronto ON


Kalaya Naturals Pain Rub


All Facial Care

Badger Organic Lip Balm


Brand Badger

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Kalaya Naturals

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Bath Soaks


Brand Aura Cacia

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Hugo Naturals Bath Bombs


Brand Hugo Naturals

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Natural Elements Essential Scented Oils


Brand Natural Elements

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eVitality Voices: The Blog

How to Become a Morning Person

How to Become a Morning Person

To a night owl the sheer idea of peppy, ready-to-take-on-the-world morning people is enough to induce a physical cringe. But let's face it, waking up in a non-groggy state allows us to be productive and to get stuff done! If you've ever enjoyed a sleep-in only to awake to the realization that half your day is already gone...
January 10, 2017 by An eVitality Staffer
Sleep Your Way to Beautiful Skin

Sleep Your Way to Beautiful Skin

It's called beauty rest for a reason folks- while you sleep all the cells in your body (including your skin cells!) have a chance to repair and regenerate without having to battle the environmental factors that you come into contact with during the day...
January 03, 2017 by An eVitality Staffer
What to Avoid at the Holiday Buffet

What to Avoid at the Holiday Buffet

It's that time of year again: Christmas cookies are aplenty, holiday cocktails are abound. We often allow ourselves some indulgences during the holiday season, which is fine, good even! Treat yourself and enjoy! But, all good things in moderation, ya hear?
December 12, 2016 by An eVitality Staffer


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